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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Hello, I am Cheryl Kintner.  The students call me Ms. K!  My teaching assignment at MCS began in the fall of 2003.  I continue to enjoy being part of this positive school environment. 
I graduated from Western Oregon University with a BA in Elementary Education with a Basic Reading Endorsement and Spanish Language Endorsement.  I hold an MA in Administration and Curriculum from Gonzaga University.  My professional seminar paper was entitled "Increasing the Potential for Creative Thinking." 
Teaching and learning continue to be my passions.  I look forward to a wonderful school year with your child!



Second Grade at the Prichard Art Gallery.
Dear Families,
It is the Monday after Spring Break and it feels great to say hi and to share pictures of our visit to the University of Idaho Prichard Art Gallery.  It was a lovely morning.
I will be asking each student to email the director Mr. Rowley and his assistant a small thank you.  
I'm currently working on some online activities using Spelling City, Mobymax, Lexia, and some other activities too.
Thank you for your continued support as we work through this time together.  If you have questions please email me at
Look for some second grade work on Tuesday by 3:00.  I'm looking forward to our continued partnership!  Sure wish I could see everyone though!!  Take care.
Warm regards,
Cheryl Kintner
Second Grade Teacher
If I were president drawings made by second grade.
Dear Parents,
This coming Thursday, we will be going to the Pritchard Art Gallery at 9:00.  You are welcome to join us and help us make art in the back room.  
On Wednesday morning, we will tour the Jr. High display of islands that will be set up in the MPR.  Each island will be unique as it is an invented island display that we will be able to interact with.  
This week, we have begun the 10 hour reading challenge for a ticket to Silver wood.  I was explaining to the students that it means that they need to keep track of 30 minutes of reading for the next 20 days.  Silverwood Reading Logs will be due March 31.
For the month of March, the homework will be to continue reading and logging the minutes read and reviewing math facts.
Spelling words for this week:
1.  new                9.  juice
2.  crew              10. recruit
3.  grew              11. you'll
4.  stew              12. shouldn't
5.  threw             13. church
6.  bruise            14. windows
7.  fruit                15. sisters
8.  pursuit            16.  March
Cheryl Kintner
Bookabunga with a stuffie!
Dear Families,
I'm so pleased to be back and the students did wonderfully in my absence!!  I'm so pleased!
Cheryl Kintner
This week our spelling words are:
1.  we'll              6.  can't              11.  preheat               16.  March
2.  I'll                  7.  isn't               12.  recycle
3.  you'll             8.  it's                 13.  shop
4.  they'll            9.  that's             14.  surprise
5.  don't            10.  shouldn't       15.  kittens
Bookabunga Day 2020.
Dear Families,
Thank you for the extra books, blankets, and stuffies that kept us cozy as we spent the day reading, listening to an author and going to reading activities in the afternoon.  I was so pleased with the day!
This week we are looking forward to the Spelling Bee on Friday.  Several second grade students will be able to participate because they have been going to the Spelling Bee practice on Tuesday afternoons with Ms. Bonzo.  
This week in second grade, we will be doing some writing as if we were president of the United States and doing some science to help us learn how to do a science fair project in March.  The Science Fair is usually held in March at McDonald Elementary and is open to all students in K - 5.
Here is the link to the Science Fair.  There is just one week left to sign up!
Spelling Words for this week:
1.  remove           6.  preheat            11.  swimming      16.  February
2.  return              7.  prepay             12.  doing
3.  recycle            8.  preschool         13.  maybe
4.  replace           9.  preview             14.  near
5.  recall              10.  prefix               15.  park
Cheryl Kintner
Valentine Bags in second grade.
      Week 7 Contest for Readers as Leaders - This is our last week.
Dear Families,
This Friday, we will celebrate reading with our Bookabunga Day devoted to reading.  Our author this year is Annette Pimentel from Moscow, Idaho.  She has presented here before and this time will be presenting her books on dinosaurs.
The students are encouraged to bring a small pillow, blanket, stuffy and books to read and share.  Please have them put their names on their books.  On Friday, we will begin with a time for Buddy Reading before going to an assembly to hear how Annette Pimentel writes a book.  Then it is back to read again before lunch.  In the afternoon, we will have our specialty classes and a reading rotation before heading home at 2:00.  This day is most enjoyable for the children.
On March 12 from 9 - 10 AM,  second grade is scheduled to go to the Prichard Art Gallery.  This year's presentation is "Visualizing Science" and the students will  tour the art with a docent and make a project.  Parents may come and help supervise and assist with the project.  Just let me know if this works with your schedule.  Thank you! 
We all enjoyed our Valentine's Party!  Thank you for the treats and  helping with the party clean up!  The children were so excited!
Spelling Words for this week will be more words with ly and ing endings.
1.  abruptly
2.  bravely
3.  carelessly
4.  friendly
5.  furiously
6.  admiring
7.  hesitating
8.  imagining
9.  taping
10.  squeezing
Cheryl Kintner
valentine candies in a child's hand.
Dear Families,
Last week, your children did such a nice job adjusting to several days of indoor recesses.  Thank you to Grayson for helping us learn how to make homemade harmonicas!  I have asked the students to bring in a quick game, puzzle, or coloring book to give us some new activities in case the weather turns extra wet or cold.  Thank you for helping us survive this wintry weather in a fun way.  I will be sure names are on anything brought from home.  We will send it all home on Friday.
On Friday, we will have a Valentine's Party.  Each student needs to bring in a card for their classmates.  Is there anyone who could bring in the following?  Please email me at if this works for you.
1.  cookies or cupcakes (22 - 24)
2.  grapes cut into small bunches (22 - 24)
3.  cheese and cracker tray for  (22 - 24)
This special event sort of crept up on me!  Thank you for making it a special time for the children.  They love to celebrate!!
Here are the names of the students in our second grade class:
1.  Conner            9.  Max                  17. Wyatt
2.  Ely                  10.  Samirah          18.  Medora
3.  Deakin            11.  Declan             19.  Liam
4.  Leen               12.  Spencer           20.  Loki
5.  Lila                  13.  Timber             21.  Karissa
6.  Langston         14.  Clara
7.  Emily               15. Grayson
8.  Benja               16.  Abbi
Spelling Words for this Week:  Words with ing and ly endings.
1.  completely      8.  starting            15.  dinner
2.  actually           9.  standing          16.  February
3.  doing              10.  freezing
4.  taking             11.  leaf
5.  swimming      12.  leaves
6.  eating             13.  important
7.  slowly             14.  nothing
Cheryl Kintner
At in U of I Insect Museum
                                  Week 5 for Readers as Leaders!
Dear Families:
Thank you for supporting your children in this reading contest.  At the end of February, I will turn in all my Gold and Silver Readers!  Did you know that:
readers are better thinkers, reading keeps important ideas at the top of your mind,  reading keeps you mentally sharp and active, readers can sustain their focus on long term projects, reading is always available and a good use of your time, reading helps us connect to others by connecting to characters in  the books we read, readers have a better vocabulary, and reading gives you a bigger perspective of the world.  Thank you so much for investing in the success of your child.  
The students and I visited about  continuing to practice our math facts too.  For some, the Moby Max site will be too fast for them.  These are the strategies we use to think about our facts in class.
1.  We use the Addition Property and begin adding by using the larger digit.
      eg. ( 4 + 6 can be turned around to 6 + 4)
2.  Doubles are easy to add!  5 + 5, 6+6, 7 + 7, 8 + 8, 9 + 9, 10 + 10, 11 + 11, 12 + 12.
3.  Fact Family use the same three numbers for related facts.  This is why I like these cards so well.  We can practice addition facts as well as subtraction facts.
5 + 6, 6 + 5, 11 - 6, 11 - 5.
4.  We use near doubles too for addition.
5 + 5 helps us add 5 + 6, 7 + 7 helps us add 7 + 8.
5.  Make a ten and add.  7 + 5 can be thought of as 10 + 2.  It is easy to use with problems like 9 + 3, 9 + 4, 9 + 5, etc.
Ms. K
Spelling Words for this Week:
1.  wife
2.  wives
3.  leaf
4.  leaves
5.  elf
6.  elves
7.  shelf
8.  shelves
9.  life
10.  lives
11.  rooftop
12.  true
13.  bone
14.  draw
15.  whose
More tower building with two more great kids!
                                    Readers as Leaders - Week 4
Dear Families,
      All second grade students are making such great progress!  Thank you again for your support and encouragement.  It makes such a difference.  We are at the halfway point of our year together. 
Please continue to practice math facts with your children.  This can be done one to one with flashcards.  (I have many more copies to pass out!)  Mobymax also has math fact practice and can be accessed online.  I would like to see 20 out of the 40 math facts known fluently by this time.  The goal is to know all 40 math facts by the end of the year!
Cheryl Kintner
Spelling Words with oo and ue:
1.  blue
2.  too
3.  glue
4.  zoo
5.  room
6.  clue
7.  due
8.  rooftop
9.  true
10.  noontime
11.  cowboys
12.  voices
13.  letter
14.  sea
15.  won't
16.  January
Retelling Molly's Pilgrim as a play.
Dear Parents,
This is Week 3 for the Readers as Leaders Contest.  We will use this short week to wrap up our Science Unit on Matter.  The students will also begin using the MobyMax site in math.  The three sites we use can be accessed from home if you want to provide more practice in reading, math, and spelling. 
This week for spelling, we are practicing oi and oy.
1.  voices
2.  cowboys
3.  toy
4.  enjoyment
5.  oil
6.  point
7.  join
8.  soil
9.  joy
10.  coin
11.  around
12.  without
13.  fire
14.  train
15.  wait
16.  January
Warm regards,
Cheryl Kintner
Building a tower.
Dear Parents,
This is Week 2 of Readers as Leaders contest.  The students are doing a great job getting their reading logs and homework in on Friday!  Keep up the great effort!!  It will make such a difference in the spelling and writing of the children.
We will be finishing up our study of Matter by separating solids and looking at different kinds of liquids.  We've been making corrections to our writing.  In Math we have been regrouping ones for a ten.  My read-a -loud has been The World of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.  The weather outside reminds us of Narnia!  
Spelling words for this week look at ou and ow words.  We had a great beginning to this unit today.
1.  how                                 11.  beauties
2.  mouth                              12. skies
3.  out                                   13. started
4.  house                              14.  mean
5.  without                             15.  cow
6.  found                                16.  January
7.  around
8.  sound
9.  now
10.  brow
A January and February Reading Challenge
Dear Families,
Welcome back and Happy New Year!  This week we will begin our reading challenge for the months of January and February.  The challenge for the Gold Readers will be to read or be read to or listen to a book Monday through Thursday and to turn in a reading log each week.  The challenge for the Silver Readers will be to read Monday through Thursday also but there may be a few weeks that will be missed.  Everyone who is reading throughout January and February will receive a t-shirt.  
During the last home game and senior night in March, all second graders and their families are invited to sit with me and watch a wonderful basketball game as the U of I beats yet another visiting team.  Their t-shirt will get them in free to the game.  During half-time, I will line up with my second grade students and we will walk out to your applause!  We will join other students from Moscow and surrounding towns to be recognized for our hard work!  I hope you and your student can make it!
Thank you for all the wonderful surprises we found in our stockings!  Their was an audible gasp as students began to look through their stocking!  Thank you for your help with our party.  The cookies were delicious.  The mothers that came to demonstrate "Zip-Lock Bag Ice Cream" were so valued that day!  I hope some of you got to try the recipe.
Cheryl Kintner
Spelling Words for this week:  Words ending in s, es, ies
1.  beauties   6.  skies      12.  unknown
2.  babies      7.  copies    13.  drink
3.  cities        8.  cries        14.  hill
4.  duties      9.  pennies    15.  road
5.  bodies    10.  hobbies    16.  January
Second Grade Stockings
Dear Families,
Our stockings are made!  The Winter Party will be on Thursday starting at 1:30.  Several parents and myself will be demonstrating how to make ice cream in a bag.  I will be sure to send the recipe home with your children.  In science, we have begun studying matter and so this demonstration will extend are most recent activities.  
Our books are written and will be coming home this week too.  I was also able to give the I-Station reading assessment and also a quick two minute timing for addition math facts.  
Thank you for all the support and assistance you give your children every week!  It makes such a difference!
I hope your weekend was most enjoyable!  'Tis the season!
Warm regards,
Cheryl Kintner
Spelling Words for this week:
1.  knock      6.  sign            11.  scooter        16.  Christmas
2.  knew       7.  gnat            12.  cartoon
3.  knight      8.  wrist            13.  dark
4.  wrong      9.  unknown     14.  front
5  write        10.  writer          15.  past
Christmas present made in second grade
Dear Families,
Our Friday project is completed and wrapped with love for you!
Our Winter Party, before our two week break, will be Thursday, December 19 at 1:30.  Will you please email me if you can bring 2 dozen vanilla icecream cups, cups and napkins for 22, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, or cookies for 22 or so.  I always like to share with other staff members who aren't in a traditional classroom setting.  My email is  Thank you for your support.
I just finished cutting out our paper sack stockings for next Friday.  The children always enjoy getting and giving their small treats.
Have a most enjoyable weekend! 
Cheryl Kintner  
Spelling Words for this coming week:
1.  smooth    7.  moon            13.  answer
2.  roots        8.  cartoon         14.  paper
3.  food         9.  roof               15.  page
4.  scooter    10.  spoon          16.  Christmas
5.  boot         11.  springtime
6.  broom      12.  ostrich
Theater and Puppets fro Molly's Pilgrim
Dear Families,
I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was simply wonderful!  
The next three weeks before Winter Break will be busy ones.  We will begin our narrative writing about our favorite winter memory.  We will continue to practice math facts.  I will be sending home cards this week.  In Science, we will begin studying solids and liquids.  On Thursday, December 19, we will make icecream to go along with our study of matter.  This will also be our Winter Party.
Each Friday in December, I like to do something special with the children.  I always have the children make a stocking before our party.  Each child is asked to bring a special favor for their fellow students.  A favor can be a piece of candy, a sticker a shell or something homemade.  We have 22 students.  Thank you for your help.  It is always exciting for the children to see what they have in their stockings!
Warm regards,
Cheryl Kintner
Spelling Words for this week:
1.  sprout                6.  springtime          11.  pioneers      16.  December
2.  streams             7.  spray                  12.  clearing
3.  through             8.  throat                  13.  air
4.  strong               9.  three                    14. different
5.  strap                10.  ostrich                 15. light
Second Grade Pictures of our immigrant roots!  Beautiful!
Dear Parents,
I've included all of our pictures showing where our families have come from to commemorate this special Thanksgiving Holiday.
     "We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic."
                                                            Jimmy Carter
We  will continue to work on our puppets as we plan to retell "Molly's Pilgrim" in our own words this week.  We will try to also build our Wampanoag Village too!  It will be a busy week but also a special week for the students.
Cheryl Kintner (Ms. K.)
Spelling Words for this week:
1.  pioneers   12.  alarm
2.  cheers      13.  sleep
3.  clearing    14.  country
4.  hear          15.  rain
5.  nearby       16. Thanksgiving
6.  year
7.  beard
8.  reindeer
9.  steer
10. peer
11. remark