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Retelling Molly's Pilgrim as a play.
Dear Parents,
This is Week 3 for the Readers as Leaders Contest.  We will use this short week to wrap up our Science Unit on Matter.  The students will also begin using the MobyMax site in math.  The three sites we use can be accessed from home if you want to provide more practice in reading, math, and spelling. 
This week for spelling, we are practicing oi and oy.
1.  voices
2.  cowboys
3.  toy
4.  enjoyment
5.  oil
6.  point
7.  join
8.  soil
9.  joy
10.  coin
11.  around
12.  without
13.  fire
14.  train
15.  wait
16.  January
Warm regards,
Cheryl Kintner