Welcome to the Parent Action Team!

The Parent Action Team (PAT) at Moscow Charter School is a group of parents volunteering to help make our school the best it can be for our kids. The PAT plan fun events like the Back-to-School picnic/ice cream social, Fun Run, Bingo Night, Rummage Sale, Teacher Appreciation Week, Box Top Competitions,Teacher Appreciation brunches for the parent-teacher conferences. The funds raised are used to help the Moscow Charter School and their teachers get the funds needed to purchase items for the classrooms that they would not be able to buy within their budget. 
We would LOVE to get some more volunteers to help with a variety of events, you can choose what, when and how much you would like to help out, we appreciate any help we can get. 
Please check out our Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/258491117674363/ 
Ways you can get involved:
PAT Meetings (All year long, try to meet once a month):
  • Secretary (take notes during meetings, post notes on our Facebook group)
  • People to help come up with ideas
  • Approve requests from the school or teachers
Bingo Night  (March 2022):
  • Ask for donations and pick up if needed - 
  • Write donation letters, thank you letters, and donation receipts
  • Make info/bid sheet for auction items
  • Make list of bingo prizes
  • Make signs/posters
  • Advertise for the event (Tristate billboard, Facebook, MCS webpage, newspapers, etc.)
  • Buy items for the event (decoration, etc.)
  • Make gift baskets/cards
  • Set up for the event
  • Run the event (banker, collect money, hand out prizes, help with silent/live auction) - see signup 
  • Clean up
Teacher Appreciation Brunch (in connection with Parent-Teacher conferences):
  • Make signups for brunch
  • Get people to sign up
  • Set up table
  • Decorate
  • Clean up afterward
Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2nd - 6th, 2022):
  • Come with ideas
  • Ask for donations (gift cards, gift items, lunch)
  • Make gifts
  • Set up gifts in the morning
  • Set up for lunch
  • Clean up after lunch
Box Top Competitions:
  • Advertise for the event
  • Make posters
  • Come up with ideas for prizes
  • Make/buy/deliver prizes
  • Count box tops
  • Update posters for grades (who is winning)
  • Cut box tops
Back-to-school event (August):
  • Plan event
  • Purchase items needed
  • Set up for the event
  • Run event
  • Clean up after the event
Grants (during the year):
  • Apply for grants 
The PAT funds many different types of projects like the ones mentioned below.
Requests approved in 2020:
  • Bookabunga - to have author Annette Pimentel come out ($400)
  • 18 sensory and calming tools for the school counselor ($350) 
  • 22 new dictionaries for 4th grade (~$130)
Requests approved in 2019:
  • 192 notebooks requested by M'ilee Satter, the school counselor - $203.52 (spring)
  • 6 height adjustable science tables for the new science room requested by Paul Collins ~$1,200 (summer)
  • 22 school desks for 5th grades ~ $3,300 (summer)
  • Rent PCEI for Haunted puppet show - $100 (fall)
Requests approved in 2018:
  • T-shirts and registration fee for the Robotic Club requested by
PAT president:
Pernille Langenbach
Email: [email protected] 
Facebook page:  
Volunteer opportunities:
  • Teacher Appreciation Brunches
  • Bingo Night 
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Fun Run
  • MCS Gear Sale
Ways to help raise money:
Box Tops:

Download the Box Tops Mobile App. Every time you buy some of the participating products, scan the receipt using the app. Earnings will appear almost instantly. It is a great way to earn money for the school.

Amazon Smile:
Go to https://smile.amazon.com/ and sign up to earn money for our school. Every time you want to buy something on Amazon, you go to smile.amazon.com instead, then find the item you want and check out. A small percentage of what you purchase will go to Moscow Charter School, but it all adds up!