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Counselor's Corner

Hello! Iā€™d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and share a little about my role here at Moscow Charter School. The students refer to me as Mrs. M, and in short, I am here to help all of our students succeed in school. It really is that simple! I do this in a number of ways; In order to do well in school, students may need assistance with their social, emotional, or academic needs during the school day. Our comprehensive counseling program is designed to meet these needs through the following services: individual sessions, group counseling sessions, and school counseling core curriculum lessons.


  • Individual sessions: I meet with students to discuss any number of concerns. Students can self-refer to me or parents and teachers can request that I meet with a student.


  • Group Counseling Sessions: I meet with groups of students for structured, scheduled group sessions that focus on a particular skill, like strategies for academic success or stress management techniques.


  • School Counseling Core Curriculum Lessons: I teach classroom lessons on topics related to our school wide matrix. Our first lesson of the year revolved around kindness and considering others feelings. Future lessons include respect, perseverance and self esteem.


I also work with parents and outside professionals (pediatricians or therapists) to ensure that students' needs are met in the school setting.


How can I help? If you have questions, would like to set up a meeting, or would like to refer your student for a specific need, please let me know!


Latah Recovery Center has one parenting class left this year before starting up again in January. It is October 25th from 5-6:30 at 531 S Main St. here in Moscow. This class focuses on Resiliency in Adults and covers strategies for building your own resiliency as an adult having experienced a hard childhood.