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This page contains general information of use to school board members. Links are generally in Acrobat format but MS Word formatted versions of documents are available.

Board-Specific Documents & Links

MCS Corporate Bylaws (short version) - Rules defining & governing the corporation
Idaho Open Meeting Law - MCS Board meetings must abide by Open Meeting Law
Meeting Myths - Know these for more professional meetings!

Board governance resources from the Idaho Public Charter School Commission

Laws & Rules pertinent to charter schools

ID Public Charter School Law Title 33 Chapter 52 - The portion of ID law that applies specifically to charter schools.
IDAPA / State Board of Education Rules Governing Public Charter Schools - Idaho administrative code pertaining to charter schools.
ID Public School Law - ID Title 33, Laws that apply in general to all public schools.
ID Nonprofit Law- MCS is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under this section of code.

Organizations which have power or influence over MCS

Moscow School District Board of Trustees - Moscow School District is the MCS authorized chartering entity and their board of trustees has oversight responsibilities over MCS.

ID Public Charter School Commission - The IPCSC does not oversee MCS, but this site contains valuable information.

Organizations with whom the MCS Board has an affiliation:


Continuous Improvement Plan


About MCS, the Corporation

"Moscow Charter School" is the name of a nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Idaho. "Moscow Charter School" is also the name of a public charter school in Moscow, ID, which is governed by that corporation with the same name. The two are related but legally distinct entities.