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This page contains general information of use to school board members. Links are generally in Acrobat format but MS Word formatted versions of documents are available.

Board-Specific Documents & Links

MCS Corporate Bylaws (short version) - Rules defining & governing the corporation
Idaho Open Meeting Law - MCS Board meetings must abide by Open Meeting Law
Meeting Myths - Know these for more professional meetings!


Board governance of Moscow Charter School

Policies - see link at left under "About Us"
School Administrator Job Description & Evaluation - See Board Chair
Finance/Budget info - see Board Treasurer
Personnel, curriculum, student issues, and govt compliance/reporting reqs - see the School Administrator
Founding MCS Charter from 1998 - Initial petition submitted to MSD & ID state in 1998.
MCS Amended Charter 2013
"Charter School Manual" from the ID Charter School Commission. Long, but lots of information not found elsewhere.


Laws & Rules pertinent to charter schools

ID Public Charter School Law Title 33 Chapter 52 ("unofficial" consolidated version here) - The portion of ID law that applies specifically to charter schools.
ID Public School Law - ID Title 33, Laws that apply in general to all public schools.

Organizations which have power or influence over how MCS operates

ID State Dept. of Education (Charter School Site
ID Public Charter School Commission - Does not oversee MCS, but site contains valuable information
(Note: Moscow School District is the MCS authorized chartering entity and has oversite responsibilities, but is not listed here because it does not dictate how MCS specifically operates or is governed).


Organizations with whom the MCS Board has an affiliation:


Continuous Improvement Plan


About MCS, the Corporation

"Moscow Charter School" is the name of a nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Idaho. "Moscow Charter School" is also the name of a public charter school in Moscow, ID, which is governed by that corporation with the same name. The two are related but legally distinct entities.