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Second Grade Stockings
Dear Families,
Our stockings are made!  The Winter Party will be on Thursday starting at 1:30.  Several parents and myself will be demonstrating how to make ice cream in a bag.  I will be sure to send the recipe home with your children.  In science, we have begun studying matter and so this demonstration will extend are most recent activities.  
Our books are written and will be coming home this week too.  I was also able to give the I-Station reading assessment and also a quick two minute timing for addition math facts.  
Thank you for all the support and assistance you give your children every week!  It makes such a difference!
I hope your weekend was most enjoyable!  'Tis the season!
Warm regards,
Cheryl Kintner
Spelling Words for this week:
1.  knock      6.  sign            11.  scooter        16.  Christmas
2.  knew       7.  gnat            12.  cartoon
3.  knight      8.  wrist            13.  dark
4.  wrong      9.  unknown     14.  front
5  write        10.  writer          15.  past