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Christmas present made in second grade
Dear Families,
Our Friday project is completed and wrapped with love for you!
Our Winter Party, before our two week break, will be Thursday, December 19 at 1:30.  Will you please email me if you can bring 2 dozen vanilla icecream cups, cups and napkins for 22, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, or cookies for 22 or so.  I always like to share with other staff members who aren't in a traditional classroom setting.  My email is  Thank you for your support.
I just finished cutting out our paper sack stockings for next Friday.  The children always enjoy getting and giving their small treats.
Have a most enjoyable weekend! 
Cheryl Kintner  
Spelling Words for this coming week:
1.  smooth    7.  moon            13.  answer
2.  roots        8.  cartoon         14.  paper
3.  food         9.  roof               15.  page
4.  scooter    10.  spoon          16.  Christmas
5.  boot         11.  springtime
6.  broom      12.  ostrich