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About Ms. Bonzo

 Welcome to 4th Grade!   Raise the Roof!
     A little background: My teaching career started in St. Augustine, Florida, after graduating from the University of South Alabama. Then, my husband and I lived, taught, and traveled overseas for almost a decade in Algeria, Singapore, and the Dominican Republic before coming to Idaho.  We moved here in 1994 with our daughter and have really enjoyed being involved in the community and participating in all kinds of outdoor opportunities. 
    I have taught and coached kids from preschool to high school. I graduated with a Master of Arts in Teaching majoring in History from the University of in 1999 and have always continued to add to my professional and content knowledge.
     A little about the present at MCS: The students in 4th Grade get to integrate what they have learned from K-3. It is a special year developmentally because kids at this age want to be active and make a difference in the world. One way that I like to help grow their curiosity and interests is to take them off campus for field trips and do my best to bring in experts (which are often parents:)).



🌠StarArt🌃 with Ms. Jones☄🌌
The kids had a treat today as they learned about the galaxies of our universe in the mobile planetarium ---art and science!
Thanks to the city for allowing all the MCS kids the use of this wonderful 'space' too! (Get it!!😉)
Mini Field Trip yesterday for a Science Connection in Morning Meeting-- It all starts with a Question...How many plots are there in the City's Community Garden?
Hugo and Taya listening to each other about their Realistic Fiction Story. 
All the kids have learned so much about how to work with a partner and how that gets them to think more deeply about their own work. It is good to see this growth.
Sooo...this is what one month of plastic looks like. The kids were guessing 1000 lbs +/-!!       And, this was April's total--393 pounds.
Saturday, this load will be dropped off at the Recycle Center.
The kids empty out 7 boxes each day. They all get a chance to be a Trex Collector-- and they love doing it! 
Thank you 4th Graders!!
Riveted by the Talent Show!
The kids loved watching and there were quite a few that performed from our class! 🎉🤸‍♀️🎤🎶
Wednesday is when we get the Newspaper each week!
This is a great picture of kids immersed in different parts of the text material. They were assigned an article to read about Mattel's new Barbie that has Down Syndrome. We discussed the importance of having toys that include all types of people-- just like the real world.
Nez Perce Historical Park  Field Trip
Evelyn and Sophia learning how to set up a tipi!
As always the rangers that teach the kids are so interesting and the kids learn so much.
 Aria, Kyleigh, and Calvin Sharing Feedback about Cereal Box Design using Talking Pebbles. This group worked together very well!
          Our STEAM Project, Sincerealy Delicious, is at the review of the work stage as the kids move to the final copy. 
           There have been lessons and practice about the skills for drawing and creating a design. They have learned to incorporate the myth of Demeter and wheat and math facts too. 
          Most of the work is in their ELA notebook which will be out so that visitors can see the process of their thinking and learning.
Tomorrow is the day that they get to showcase their work. Come by between 3:15-4:15 to the 4th-grade classroom.
Thanks! Ms. Bonzo
P.S. Today is National Cereal Day!!
4th Grade collects the most money and their spirit of fun in this Penny War really helped our school's overall collection!
Love all the playful looks as they are putting coins and pennies in the containers on their way to Recess!
Book A Bunga Peer Reading!
The 8th graders joined us for partner reading. It was so fun to see the kids sharing books and thinking about ideas! Thank you!
Talking Pebbles or Learning How to Share in a Discussion
      This is one cooperative technique that I use to help the kids learn to share information, opinions, and evidence in an academic discussion. In this picture, there were 9 pebbles put on the table. Each student will take one after they contribute to the learning. They take turns talking and each supports the others by making sure the ideas shared are on the lesson.
      Having the physical piece of the learning helps them to internalize the concept because it shows what they did. 🙌
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