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About Ms. Bonzo

 Welcome to 4th Grade!   Raise the Roof!
     A little background: My teaching career started in St. Augustine, Florida, after graduating from the University of South Alabama. Then, my husband and I lived, taught, and traveled overseas for almost a decade in Algeria, Singapore, and the Dominican Republic before coming to Idaho.  We moved here in 1994 with our daughter and have really enjoyed being involved in the community and participating in all kinds of outdoor opportunities. 
    I have taught and coached kids from preschool to high school. I graduated with a Master of Arts in Teaching majoring in History from the University of in 1999 and have always continued to add to my professional and content knowledge.
     A little about the present at MCS: The students in 4th Grade get to integrate what they have learned from K-3. It is a special year developmentally because kids at this age want to be active and make a difference in the world. One way that I like to help grow their curiosity and interests is to take them off campus for field trips and do my best to bring in experts (which are often parents:)).



Lily brings in a bag of plastic that is as big as she is!!
The 4th Grade does a great job of making sure to keep plastic film out of landfills and waterways. The drop-off at school is a way to make sure that we take better care of our environment. Each thing we do is a positive step and what I love is the look on Lily's face about how proud she feels by bringing in her family's plastic.
Scientists Every Day!! Ace and Eos work on the Experiment Together.
The word Science means TO KNOW and I reminded the kids that they have been scientists all their lives making observations, creating predictions, and collecting data. Today, they worked together with their job partner to see how many releases of the rubber band it would take to cross the basketball court.
They all did a 'marble-ous' job of cooperating and taking care of the materials we used and for that, they got 2 handfuls of marbles for our Mug of Marvelous Acts Mug!
Memorable Math Meal Menu--Lani and Emily say, "Veggies"!
We started with a little grammar-- alliteration-- and then built consensus on a meal for the people that are at the table. The kids had $50.00 to spend and what they didn't use, they could give to charity.
The meal math was a conversation about vegetables, meat, cereal, fruit, bread, a drink, and dessert. It was fun to listen to the meals they created from the insert from the Wednesday newspaper.
The 4th grade appreciates the subscription to the MPDaily News from a generous community member.
Math Talks-- Sharing our Process-- Gavin and Gabe in front of our class 
The kids today worked on a problem from some information that we learned about the moon. Then they worked with the kids at their table to solve it.
And, after all this good discussion, each made a prediction and we collected the data and knew that another bar graph could be created to show their thinking.
Chugging along...🚂🤭
This will make you smile: First Day of 4th Grade
Everyone was present and ready for the day! Fun start!
Clarissssa loves Social Studies!🐍She needs to move around and stretch-- just like us. :)
While I was working in the classroom yesterday, I let Clarissssa, a 19-year-old ball python, have some exercise time and she headed over to the bookshelves which meant she was ready for school too! 
The kids will see her in the tank each day and get to meet her (in person) in January, but when I feed her and clean, I let her explore.
See you all tonight for Open House!  
Full Steam Ahead! This is our 2023-2024 MCS Theme
It is here! In one week, we will be on our second day of school together! Yay!
Here is a picture of the Planner that is used to write the Think Back and About or TBaA!! for each day. Also, we were given wonderful pencil pouches from Bridge Bible Fellowship. 
We will live in a wonderful community and being back at school is totally part of wonderfulness!
See you soon, Ms. Bonzo
Realistic Fiction Presentations
                 Abby reading to the class...
Each student read what they had been working on that followed the plotline. Each received feedback about their characters or problem.
This was a good and difficult writing assignment with a lot of revisions and gaining useful communication skills.
A fun way for the kids to experience their last full day of 4th grade!
...The more you play with language, the more fun it is-- kids are super focused in this nonverbal activity...
ELA in Action-- Charades-- Picture 1 of 3
3 groups as we wrap up the year--excellent storytelling and cooperation!
The Play is about to start!!
Thanks Ms. Fisher for such a professional and fun experience for all the MCS kids!
🌠StarArt🌃 with Ms. Jones☄🌌
The kids had a treat today as they learned about the galaxies of our universe in the mobile planetarium ---art and science!
Thanks to the city for allowing all the MCS kids the use of this wonderful 'space' too! (Get it!!😉)
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