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About Ms. Bonzo

 Welcome to 4th Grade!   Raise the Roof!
     A little background: My teaching career started in St. Augustine, Florida, after graduating from the University of South Alabama. Then, my husband and I lived, taught, and traveled overseas for almost a decade in Algeria, Singapore, and the Dominican Republic before coming to Idaho.  We moved here in 1994 with our daughter and have really enjoyed being involved in the community and participating in all kinds of outdoor opportunities. 
    I have taught and coached kids from preschool to high school. I graduated with a Master of Arts in Teaching majoring in History from the University of in 1999 and have always continued to add to my professional and content knowledge.
     A little about the present at MCS: The students in 4th Grade get to integrate what they have learned from K-3. It is a special year developmentally because kids at this age want to be active and make a difference in the world. One way that I like to help grow their curiosity and interests is to take them off campus for field trips and do my best to bring in experts (which are often parents:)).



Everyone in deep thought to create the Rubric for the Wheely! Really. STEAM Project
Students worked with table partners to go over the criteria lists and then come to consensus for the Rubric. Excellent cooperative work today!
Job Partners Charlotte and Isabella share their sentences about wheels that will go on their Spinners.
"Wheely! Really." is the the STEAM project for this year and they kids have learned all about how wheels came to be and their importance to humans especially in the part of history that we are studying about now-- The Oregon Trail.
Hope to see you after school tomorrow so your child can show you all they have been learning and doing!
Wheely! Really.  4th Grade STEAM project
Ily and Eos are doing the math and art of the Wheely Spinner that will hold relevant and interesting facts about the wheel and its historical, technological, scientific, and social importance to humans.
Wyatt and Class met our class pet Clarissssa🐍 today! They were all overjoyed!!
The kids did a wonderful job handling her carefully and thanks to Ms. Reece who participated with us.
Gabe, Audrey, and Michelle reading together for Book-A-Bunga
The 8th graders came to our classroom today to get some time to read with the 4th grade. Ideas were shared!
Our 4th Grade Spellers!! Gabe, Amy, Isabella, and Lilianna!
They did so well and hope they participate again next year!
Loren and Amy share their Cursive and Grammar Freewrite The way they are working together shows respect and fun!
ELA is about communication-- which is two-way. They got some practice with their job partner having a written conversation. They liked ththe process and of course, they wrote in cursive, and the goal is to learn to write fluidly. They are required now to write 24 lines or one page. in 25 minutes. They are getting there. 
 Liam and Emily-- Explain their Fictional Story Elements (Character, Plot Setting) within the Story Arc or Story Mountain -- using what they are reading or have recently watched!🤩
First, with Job Partners, the students shared the Exposition, Conflict, and Rising Action of the fiction they are reading.
This application process of how to see their academic learning🏫 in their daily lives is a huge connection.
 When you get a chance-- ask them about the 'Elements of Fiction'. It is super fun to get them to share with you too!
4th has a Dress Rehearsal Presentation to 5th
The 5 groups have been preparing for their presentation to each other on Friday and we were lucky to have Ms. Cartwright's 5th Graders give helpful feedback.
Being able to have the kids work together is so cool and the kids seeing teachers working together builds strength in our school community!
Quinten and Amy Shine this Morning!
Both these kids were recognized for their outstanding effort to communicate in art and words the importance of libraries and the freedom of expression!
The Awards Ceremony at the 1912 Center was beautiful and focused on the effort of the students in our community!
Each year, The Human Rights Task Force creates a prompt for the competition for all grades in celebration of MLKJr./Human Rights Day to take on a topic and explore it academically, socially, and personally. The work of these students shows critical and creative thinking!
Population Density = 14 kids per square yard!
Helping the kids learn the difference between urban and rural as we worked with comparative data.
Jigsaw🧩 Protocol or Taking Notes on One Part and Sharing it so that when it's all put back together Everyone has all the Information that is essential and relevant! 🏫-- Super Schooly Activity!😁
This cooperative learning strategy is very effective at teaching how to take notes and analyze what you are taking down.
Each group started separately silently reading their section.
Then, they came together to take notes. We used a T Chart graphic organizer.
They will put their notes into a paragraph and share it with their class members. That is the ELA connection solidifies the knowledge they learned.
This way a lot of information is broken apart, like a puzzle, and put back together again so that each person has all the correct information from the chapter.
It is interesting to do and learn in this way! It really teaches cooperation through content! 
Six Step Greeting Sequence-- Partner Practice and then to Whole Group
See if you can learn it with your 4th Grader!
Having a playful attitude while learning anything keeps your mind flexible. Plus, you get to laugh at mistakes or learning bumps as you go. It is something we all share when we take on something new. They did some fun socializing and cooperation while doing this together.
3rd Quarter Reading and Math-- keep at the 40 minutes for reading and at least 10 minutes of math practice each day outside of school.
Thank you!
Eos explains the standard algorithm for large-number addition and checking with subtraction.
Putting words to how you think and process is so important and being able to show your knowledge in front of the class is great and so many kids did that today.
Keep practicing math facts as it makes regrouping and all parts of the problem.
All these kids, a middle schooler, 4th and 5th graders have been Trex Recyclers!
This shows what is in the trailer as January finishes up. 
The opportunity for any community organization to participate in collecting is the new way that Trex is getting more people energized to collect plastic! Check out
         Once 1000 pounds was collected back in October, we got our newest bench--it's the new sand-colored one in the Middle School.
Way to keep plastic film out of the waterways and landfills!
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