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Amy, Phaedra, Lani, Ily, and Michelle were in the shade and writing or coloring at Hordemann's Pond yesterday.
The kids did a variety of fun things during the hour there!
Sophia, Amy, Luna, Loren, and Bruce enjoy Tree Talks and Limb Lounging at Hordemanns' Park for the 1 Hour of Celebration!
The kids filled the Marbelous Mug with marbles and got to vote and decide what to do with their collective reward for student behavior and thinking.
Today, they brought books, art materials, multiplication keys, and snacks to hang out together or on their own to play.
I am looking forward to them getting the mug filled again!
Phaedra looks closely at the newly born calves at the UI Dairy. The newborns weigh 80 lbs! 
There was a lot of information about what it takes to produce milk, how cows create it in their system, and comparisons to other types of milk in terms of nutrition. The kids were very amazed at the Milking Parlor because it only takes  5-8 minutes to milk a cow!
Before we got started looking at dairy, we studied the My Plate Healthy Diet recommendations. The kids thought about what they eat and how to make choices that help grow their body and brain. We thought about how dairy fits into our daily lives.
 Max shares his role for the MCS Play - ELA, Cursive & Grammar, and Theater Combined Practice
      Working with other teachers is so much rewarding for me and the kids! Ms Fisher is helping the kids think more deeply about their characters for the play and I helped by having them write too.
      Then they shared in a Writers' Circle to learn from each other and to find out what each knows about their part. It makes the play more meaningful. 
      We do grammar during the lesson and consider how things are phrased so that there is plenty of English Language practice and work.
It was a very effective hour of sharing and a lot of fun hearing them become their characters!
Oregon Trail Adjectives about Reactions to Three Island Crossing!
It is the longest entry that the kids read about-- the very scary crossing for the immigrants make their way through the desert of southern Idaho to the Willamette Valley. There was good discussion and thoughts. The kids are in the 4 groups of Person, Place, Thing, or Idea. Once of the adjectives on the small white board is describing on of those things from the journal entry.
Getting ELA lessons integrated into Social Studies or any subject is always fun.
Eos, Ily, and Ezra acted out their phrase during ELA (English Language Arts) to the whole class.
Job Partners worked together to do this!
The kids communicated so well non-verbally, were respectful to the game, and had some interesting fun. They felt so successful as a class when they got the phrases! 
It was a wonderful lesson in cooperation and the power of communication is another form.
Lilian and Lilianna pack for the 6-month trip on the Oregon Trail
The kids are working with their Job Partners to go through and think about all the items they will need for their trip. They are packing food and housewares that can't exceed 2,400 pounds. They have a budget, but right now are just doing the math to make sure they will have enough food for the trip.
It was an exciting morning when they saw the size of the wagon when I laid out the dimensions with meter sticks to approximate 4' x 10'. There was discussion about the oxen, that as kids they would be leaving behind all that they have now.
They are considering what is really important for a family to travel this far.
Everyone in deep thought to create the Rubric for the Wheely! Really. STEAM Project
Students worked with table partners to go over the criteria lists and then come to consensus for the Rubric. Excellent cooperative work today!
Job Partners Charlotte and Isabella share their sentences about wheels that will go on their Spinners.
"Wheely! Really." is the the STEAM project for this year and they kids have learned all about how wheels came to be and their importance to humans especially in the part of history that we are studying about now-- The Oregon Trail.
Hope to see you after school tomorrow so your child can show you all they have been learning and doing!
Wheely! Really.  4th Grade STEAM project
Ily and Eos are doing the math and art of the Wheely Spinner that will hold relevant and interesting facts about the wheel and its historical, technological, scientific, and social importance to humans.
Wyatt and Class met our class pet Clarissssa🐍 today! They were all overjoyed!!
The kids did a wonderful job handling her carefully and thanks to Ms. Reece who participated with us.
Gabe, Audrey, and Michelle reading together for Book-A-Bunga
The 8th graders came to our classroom today to get some time to read with the 4th grade. Ideas were shared!
Our 4th Grade Spellers!! Gabe, Amy, Isabella, and Lilianna!
They did so well and hope they participate again next year!
Loren and Amy share their Cursive and Grammar Freewrite The way they are working together shows respect and fun!
ELA is about communication-- which is two-way. They got some practice with their job partner having a written conversation. They liked ththe process and of course, they wrote in cursive, and the goal is to learn to write fluidly. They are required now to write 24 lines or one page. in 25 minutes. They are getting there. 
 Liam and Emily-- Explain their Fictional Story Elements (Character, Plot Setting) within the Story Arc or Story Mountain -- using what they are reading or have recently watched!🤩
First, with Job Partners, the students shared the Exposition, Conflict, and Rising Action of the fiction they are reading.
This application process of how to see their academic learning🏫 in their daily lives is a huge connection.
 When you get a chance-- ask them about the 'Elements of Fiction'. It is super fun to get them to share with you too!