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Aubree and Aria, the Teacher's Assistants, call letters for Multiplication BINGO or Bonzo-- as I kidded with them yesterday! It was fun to hear them laugh!
The topic in math has been using the array or partial products strategies to solve math equations like 3487 X 5 = J. But what makes all this work possible is to have the 1-12 multiplication math facts memorized. More of the class is getting them, but all the practice is necessary so that solving problems doesn't bog them down just because a simple math fact like, 4 x 6 gets them stuck.
We have used, dice, cards, games, and counting in multiples as ways to practice. There are lots of ways to have fun and learn these. As a holiday gift for your kids-- ask them to do some math facts with you!
They will love playing with you.
Happy Holidays!!