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Annie, Aiden, and Jesper enjoy the food brought for our celebration of marvelous acts! We filled the mug AGAIN!!
 How the mug gets filled: The kids get 4 marbles every time they level up in Lexia, get 100% on a Newsela article, turn in a reading log, or other types of student behavior that helps them grow as a learner. Plus, they get acknowledgment for cooperation and stamina for what we do together in class.
The kids cooperated and they volunteered the items so that there was a yummy breakfast buffet of pancakes, waffles, bacon, fruit, juice and toppings, utensils, paper towels, plates, and cups. 
Thank you to Jesper's mom, Jessica, who helped serve.  Thank you to all the parents too for helping get these things to our classroom!
It was an excellent start to our day! 🙌😊