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Appaloosa Horse Museum
The kids took a lot of notes and sketches on Nez Perce Culture and thought about how indigenous people lived. The notes taken will be used in the Descriptive Writing Paragraph-- our 3rd formal writing assignment for the quarter! Yay!
All the different artifacts were discussed from cradleboards, a massive ceremonial headdress, and parfleches.
We thought it was really fun to be dressed in costumes that represent the U.S. culture's love of Halloween! 
Thank you parents that joined us!! It is always special to have you come with us. The kids love it!
Start of School Protocols in Place
The kids are really getting good at doing their jobs, putting away materials, and being ready to start the day. When they are ready, they read. Today they had about 5 minutes! Yay! Everyone is really coming along. πŸ‘
Our next task for all is to get work completed and use the online platforms that are supporting this hybrid model. 
Check-in on what your child has done on Moby Max or Newsela.
Thank you, Ms. BonzoπŸ¦‰
Pictography by Deak
The scene he created was of a circus. The kids are thinking about Native American Culture and communication. In Morning Meeting, while outside on the basketball court, each student created a 'story without words'. It was hard and interesting. Doing this type of creative work helps the kids connect to the content. We will get to see examples of pictographs--about horses--next week when we go to the Appaloosa Horse Museum.
Getting deeper into Social Studies
We are preparing for our Field Trip Horse Museum.
The chapter in our text does a great job of helping the students think about the life of Native American culture a long time ago. It is by taking facts and putting them in a graphic organizer, such as a chart that allows each to know how geography and the resources made it possible. The kids were reading and doing that today.
Seeking Seeds in our Morning Meeting Activity
We looked around, high and low, and collected seeds. This is a favorite activity to look closely and notice all the different grasses and plants.
Comparing Multi-Digit Numbers
At the start of today, the kids filled in Place Value Charts to compare numbers and review the math symbols and say the math sentence. Look at how proud and fun they feel-- Elliot and Tando can really goof around!
Cooperative Math
We had the kids apply the skills they are learning by doing some timeline work. Thinking is coming along. This was a timeline with sunrise and sunset times from the Moscow Pullman Daily News.
This work was by Mette and Eirene. They were really cooperative! 
I took this while Ms. Cartwright was teaching and Zooming with our Swivl robot. The kids are all present, but 1/2 are at home. 
We are getting used to all the technology that has allowed us to connect, but having the kids in the class to work with and give so much feedback too has been the best!
Seeing the kids get reacquainted with each other at Recess helped everyone feel better. 😁
Masked Morning Meeting
We are into the 3rd week of being at school and this is a picture of us having our Morning Meeting. This is half the class. The other kids were in a Zoom Class Meeting with Ms. Cartwright.
It was a gorgeous day and so fun to be with the kids again!
 Hi Families,
I will be sending you each an email with the directions of how to sign in to our 4th grade Google Classroom.
Thanks, Ms. Bonzo
Clarisssssa says Hi!! I thought it would be fun to see a good time we had together and look forward to more when we are back together. :)
This picture is from early January when all the kids got to meet our wonderful class pet. She was so easily handled by everyone and each student had a chance to hold her if they wanted.  (I have a picture of each student with her and will get those sent.)
Our classmates were careful and we watched a very interesting National Geo Kid Video about pythons too. We had a discussion about how to care for a snake and what observations of her have helped them to understand the form and function of this species. There has been great appreciation for snakes and what they are like by having our 15-year-old ball python. 
I wanted to send this because I miss having the kids in class, but I do look forward to how we will gather virtually in the next weeks. More information will be sent this afternoon about how we will learn together.
I hope you are all well and really look forward to seeing you again when we can. Take Care, Ms. Bonzo
Visiting the Moscow Public Library after the tour and lesson at the Prichard Art Gallery. We had about an hour of time to read, share, and find new books. We ate lunch on the benches and then caught the public transit back to our class.
Another great field trip!!
Writers Feedback about Introduction Narration for Radio Show
This Reading Group performed their beginning and the class gave them compliments, comments, or suggestions on their work. For all groups, it was fun to have them speaking into a microphone to tell a story. The big white room divider is what they sit behind and it is in the process of turning into a 'set'. It will look like a table with a radio on it and the performers will be behind the set.