Welcome to First Grade

Teaching at MCS is a rewarding experience. I love the family atmosphere with the staff and the students. I am entering my eighteenth  year of teaching with a wide variety of experience. I taught five years in Duchesne, Utah, in a middle-sized elementary school, grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. I wrote and taught the Kindergarten and first-grade programs and started an elementary dance team. I also ran the after-school program that incorporated community members for instructional clubs. 


My next teaching assignment was in the Unangan native villages on the Aleutian Chain for the next two years. Adak was 1500 miles from Anchorage and Nikolski was right by Dutch Harbor. I was the only teacher and taught all grades, all subjects, K-12. This experience taught me how to differentiate instruction on a more individual basis. I started a drill team and the first community/school action team. Do I have stories to tell of this experience, what an adventure! 


When my grandchildren starting entering this world I decided that I wanted to be closer to them, and moved back to the lower 48 to Moscow Charter School. I started out as the fourth grade teacher, taught sixth grade, then 3 years of Kindergarten until we decided to start a middle school here at MCS. I helped to start the middle school here, and had the great pleasure of teaching all three class of Kindergarten now in the middle school. I will miss the middle school students greatly, but having been raised with my dad in the air force, I need to mix things up a bit, you know, itchy feet and all that. 


Helping students get a great start in their schooling experience is a passion of mine. With the challenges of reading, writing, math and science,  I like to be there to help students through the experiences they face. We get to learn through role play and I love to see their faces when they finally “get it” and the light bulb of learning ignites! 


Stop by anytime and see what we do in class. I look forward to working with your children and meeting you as parents!