For the week of October 7 - 11

Dear Families,
Never underestimate a second grader!  Our own Max ran 35 laps around the school and tied a Jr. High student.  That is a lot of laps!!  Thank you Max and family for your support.  Thank you all second grade families for a wonderful fun run fundraiser!  
This week we finish up our money unit by counting quarters.  We will finish our social studies folder on continents and oceans.  We will begin writing an insect report.  I'm pleased with our progress!
This week our words are:
1.  black                 6.  lock              11.  appreciate
2.  pack                  7.  rocket          12.  acrobat
3.  crack                 8.  flock             13.  grow
4.  snack                9.  shock           14.  last
5.  horseback        10.  clock           15.  mouse
Cheryl Kintner