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 MCS🏫 has collected 1039 pounds of plastic film so far this year and the school gets another bench to celebrate!
         Here, I was at the Moscow Recycle Center last Saturday (the first Saturday of the month) unloading from the MCS trailer where our school stores the donated plastic. Sending pictures this year was a requirement and since this was the one that met our goal-- thought I would be in it grinning! 😁
         The program has changed from years past and is now a community-wide collection to grow♻ recycling of #2 and #4. That means any organization in our town can collect plastic and drop it off at the Recycle Center. Once 1000 pounds has been collected, Trex will give a bench to that organization!
          Trex is encouraging more people and communities to recycle and I hope that more people will! There is more good news! The city will start allowing plastic film to be dropped off twice a month starting in January! YAY!!
     Six years of collecting plastic has shown the kids that we can all take action. This has meant that they know they can do something and that small amounts can have big results. 
To date, our school is closing in on 30,000 pounds of plastic👏 that has been recycled! 🎉Way to go MCS families and community members!
The kids have learned so much! That is what it is all about! We can all do something! And, we did!💐
Thank you, Ms. Bonzo