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"How have I grown over this school year?"
 In Morning Meeting, the kids worked with their Class Job Partner. Here are Daisy and Elliot interviewing each other about simple things such as 'What is your favorite song?' to more in-depth reflections about, 'What skill have you practiced and learned?'
       My question for them too today was, How have you changed this year?  Before they started their talks, we refreshed our memory with some timeline markers. The year started all online. Then on to the Hybrid A/B Cohorts Learning Schedule with lots of Zoom, until right after Spring Break (end of March), when we all came back 4 days a week with one online or at-home learning day. What a year!!
Knowing all this, we have agreed-- truly-- we all feel like the last 2 months have crammed the first, middle, and last days of this whole year into a very short time. It has been something to experience! Each day has so much emotion and change.πŸ’—
   This group of kids has really come together and our class culture is supportive and becoming more aware all the time.πŸ‘πŸ˜ They have worked to get to know each other better in many areas.
After our Focused Breathing Practice that starts each day, I, again, encouraged the kids to continue to take at least a few minutes each day to breathe and focus on what is going on around and inside them. It takes practice to learn how to cope with life's events. They have grown up a lot. I am very proud of these kids and excited for them. I know 5th Grade will be a great academic and social year for them!
Thanks, Ms. BonzoπŸ¦‰