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Rain-catcher Experiment-- Prediction, Location, and Design
After a lot of discussion about how to set up an experiment; we did one that was a great failure and gave us lots to talk about, the kids were able to do the create the right model to collect precipitation for 24 hours. Wow, did their predictions change from yesterday! They have a much better idea of how much could be collected.
They created several design ideas and after discussing the pros and cons of criteria and constraints (the 2  basic principles of engineering anything) for the science experiment, they figured out what would work best. It was all about building consensus too. Seeing this group grow knowledge and talk about what works is so interesting. These 4th Graders are making big progress in listening to each others' ideas and problem-solving together.
 P.S. Ice Skating Field trip reminder:  This Friday from 10 - 11 a.m. at the Palouse Ice Rink. Info in the Planners. Please join us if you can!