Lion's Pride Spotlight

Meet our stellar 4th grade teacher, Ms. Bonzo! Ms. Bonzo has happily worked here with the dedicated and supportive staff at MCS for 10 years. She knew she wanted to be a teacher in second grade because she loved her teachers and loved learning. She started teaching high school in 1986 because she wanted students to know how much each one of them could do and be; “there are many ways to find your purpose and there is so much to get involved in. Find that thing you really want to do.” One of her favorite sayings comes from Lucille Ball- "The more things you do, the more you can do."
In her free time Ms. Bonzo enjoys talking with people while walking, playing games, baking, jumping on her trampoline, being out in nature and watching for birds, roller skating, throwing any type of ball or frisbie, painting with watercolors and crayons, listening to people being interviewed, volunteering for organizations in our community. Ms. Bonzo is also a member of an organization called PEO (Philanthropic Education Organization).
Ms. Bonzo enjoyed Theater, playing on many sports teams, serving on the Student Council, and being part of service clubs when she went to school. Her favorite books are; The Paper Trail by Alexander Monro, and Soil: The incredible story of what keeps the earth, and us, healthy by Mathew Evans, and Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. Ms. Bonzo has also had many pets throughout the years such as fish, cats, dogs, and of course the very famous 4th grade Class Pet, Clarisssssa-- an 18-year-old ball python. Last but not least, Ms. Bonzo’s favorite foods are ice cream and bread with butter and olive oil.
Thank you so much to Ms. Bonzo for all that she does not only for our students, but for volunteering her free time to our community!
“I would like to thank our community for helping spread the word about plastic recycling! Keep letting others know about it! :) Moscow is an amazing and caring community!”
-Ms. Bonzo