Lion's Pride Spotlight:

        Meet our wonderful second grade teacher, Ms. Kintner. In Ms. Kintner’s free time she enjoys being outside. In the summer, she’s outside keeping her yard tidy and pretty and taking long walks. Someday, she aspires to decorate her home in a very Scandinavian style, so she enjoys quietly looking through a blog called “My Scandinavian Home” and watching “HGTV Home Town” with Ben and Erin Napier. On Friday nights, she and a friend will choose a book to read and they share their thoughts. She enjoys reading too.
      Ms. Kintner’s favorite food is Mexican food. She always keeps some corn tortillas handy for a quick meal. Her extended family is multinational so she also enjoys Filipino food as well.
     Ms. Kintner’s elementary school years were spent in Hood River, Oregon with a view of Mt. Hood from her bedroom window. It was a small town and she knew everybody. She walked herself to first grade and loved learning to read. This love for reading has continued throughout her life. After school, she would meet her friends for a horseback ride and return home for dinner. During her childhood, she had a menagerie of animals in the big red barn behind her house. Ms. Kintner had a cat, dog, horse, two rats, 9 guinea pigs, a box turtle and rabbits. Her dog Nikki had won reserve grand champion at the dog obedience competition at the Hood River Fair when she was 11.
     Ms. Kintner’s Jr. High and high school years were spent in Portland, Oregon. For two years, she took part in the CHS Marching Band. It was a large band of over 200 kids. They won the high school marching band competition many times for the Portland Rose Parade. Her last two years of high school she was a waitress and saved my money for a trip to Europe and college. When she was 18, she had the wonderful opportunity of standing on the streets of London, Paris, Dublin, and Amsterdam.
     Ms. K’s favorite book is called "The Boys in the Boat" by Daniel James Brown. It is a book about the University of Washington's eight man rowing crew and their quest for gold at the 1936 Olympics. To her it is a beautifully written book. Before her son graduates from the University of Washington in June, she wants to visit the shell house on the shores of Lake Washington.
     When Ms. Kintner saw the Mona Lisa art mural at MCS, she felt like it was a good fit for her. Her Master's thesis had been in the area of curriculum and how creativity and the arts help kids develop academically. She’s enjoyed "her kids" over the years, and she would still be a teacher if she had to do it all over again.
Thank you Mrs. Kintner for sharing such wonderful parts about your life. We appreciate all that you do for our school and our students!