Lion's Pride Spotlight: Ms. Ball

This year marks Ms. Ball’s 12th year at Moscow Charter School and 20 years in special education. Moscow Charter School has evolved over the years, since she’s been here. The kids and the variety of their needs are the reason why she does what she does. Each day is different, but the one thing she always knows for sure is that it takes a village of teachers working together in order for children to meet their potential. Building relationships is an important factor in their learning and social well-being.
Some fun facts about Ms. Ball include: is that her food style varies from day to day, but she doesn't like onions on anything or raw tomatoes. Ms. Ball does not have a lot of books in her possession, because the nature of special education involves paperwork. When she gets home, she likes to listen to her various playlists to relax. Ms. Ball’s musical taste varies depending on the genre, song, or mood. Her favorite subjects in school were music, world history, math, and art. She loves to go on adventures to a variety of places, because it's a nice change of scenery and being social. It's a great way to learn about other people and their town or city.
Thank you Ms. Ball for all of your hard work and a happy 12th year at MCS!