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Kids teaching Kids!

Marimba club conducts workshop for 13 students at Potlatch High School and taught them to play two Zimbabwean tunes on African Marimbas. The club then preformed a concert with the Potlatch students.

2nd Annual Book-A-Bunga

We just wanted to say thank you to all of our special guests who came for Book-a-bunga day today! Especially, Author Jeni Leidenfrost, Illustrator Jessica Linn Evans, and the University of Idaho Football team. Thank you to Mrs. Beuhler, Ms. Kintner, and Mrs. Rainer for organizing this wonderful event! Students spent the whole day reading and participating in different reading events.

Kindergarten Celebrates 100 Days!

In kindergarten, they celebrated the 100th day of school last week. Each student brought in 100 items and they practiced counting to 100 various ways. They also compared length of different objects laid out across the classroom floor.
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