Parent Champion Found!!!

The Parent Champion will work with the Safe Routes to School program to help coordinate the event on the morning of the walk/bike to school days. Duties are simple and streamlined. All supplies and instructions for the additional on-site University of Idaho volunteers will be included and dropped off the day before the event. The Parent Champion will hand out incentives to participates, direct volunteers, submit a short report of how the event went, and be responsible for setting up and cleaning up a table for the event. Our events take place in the morning before school from 7:40 till the bell rings. Parent Champions are welcome to have their children accompany them to the event. Our event dates are: International Walk to School Day Wednesday October 10th, Polar Walk Wednesday February 6th, and National Bike to School Day Wednesday May 8th. The Parent Champion will also be invited to be a Safe Routes to School stakeholder and able to provide their input and concerns about important safety issues facing all Moscow children. This position is unpaid but does include post-event coffee dates and a free lunch at the Stakeholder meeting.