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5th Grade Classroom Teacher

5th Grade Classroom Teacher
The 5th grade teaching position is responsible for the education of each child in his or her classroom. The teacher works with students, families, fellow teachers, and other staff members to ensure that the goals of the school are carried out. We at MCS strive to build a team of professionals who work beyond job descriptions, and are ready to tackle the unique challenges that come with working in a charter school.


-Manages an organized and professional classroom that is conducive to learning and the development of the whole child.
-Maintains complete and accurate records of each student's academic, physical, social, and emotional growth.
-Plans, documents, and carries out daily lessons.
-Teaches curriculum based on state and national standards.
-Recognizes the needs of individual students and the entire group and offers support and flexibility as needed.
-Establishes consistent and logical limits, expectations, and classroom routines for students.
-Maintains the physical environment of the classroom in a clean and organized fashion.
-Handles stressful situations with patience, understanding, and flexibility.
-Fosters a cooperative and respectful partnership with families.
-Maintains close relationships with parents, communicating on a regular basis.
-Facilitates parent-teacher conferences twice a year, providing written materials as required.
-Encourages parent involvement through classroom observations and volunteer opportunities.
-Leads/participates in at least 3 parent evenings throughout the year.

Works as part of a cooperative and diverse team of educators and the administrator to carry out the goals of Moscow Charter School:

-Attends, participates in, and contributes to in-service activities and staff meetings.
-Participates in the development of curriculum, and assesses its effectiveness in the classroom.
-Consults Administrator in a timely manner to address the needs of struggling students.
-Collaborates with colleagues to share experience and knowledge.
-Continues intellectual and professional development.
-Observes the classrooms of colleagues when possible.
-Welcomes observation by and feedback from colleagues and other professionals in education and related fields
-Seeks out and attends workshops, seminars, and courses relating to child development, education, and language acquisition.
-Organizes fundraising and attends McCall Outdoor Science School with the class for a week in the Spring.
-Follows policies and standards established by Moscow Charter School, Moscow School District, Idaho Public, and the Idaho Department of Education.

To apply, please send your resume, three letters of recommendation, transcripts, cover letter, and application to Tony Bonuccelli, tonyb@moscowcharterschool.org.
All candidates must have:

-Idaho K-8, All Subjects Certificate in Elementary Education.
-Excellent communication skills in English.
-Successful classroom experience in an early childhood or elementary setting.
-Strong classroom management skills.
-A willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the success of Moscow Charter School students.
-The ability to pass a criminal background check by clearing them to work in a school setting.

Ideal candidates have:

-At least two years of full-time teaching experience as a lead teacher, preferably with middle school aged children.
-A Master's Degree or its equivalent in a related field.
Based on experience and education
Contact Tony Bonuccelli
Phone: (208) 883-3195
1723 East F. Street, Moscow, ID 83843