Course Description

Right now most classes are working on art pertaining to this year's Bookabunga theme: "Create a Space to Read".
  • Grades K/1 are currently making their own planets out of torn paper and newspapers.
  • Grades 2/3 are painting and learning about nebulae and constellations. They will paint a nebulous painting on a large sheet of paper, draw constellations on it, and fold it to create a usable book cover.
  • Grades 4/5 are also painting a nebulous scene, creating rocket ships out of torn paper, and then finishing it off with words from magazines either forming a haiku about space, or pertaining to what reading means to them.
All work will be hung up for Bookabunga and eventually sent home by the beginning of March. Check the 2018-2019 gallery for pics once we finish, they're coming out great!
To kick off the New Year, all six of my classes are working on either a drawing or a collage that will be entered into the Martin Luther King Jr. Art & Essay Contest here in Moscow. The prompt behind the contest is to create either a drawing, poster board, collage, or mural that represents what it means to share. Winners and their work will be honored at a breakfast ceremony, as well as receive a gift card to Book People for $25.
We learned about MLK's accomplishments, and brainstormed different ideas as to what sharing could mean. The kids were excited and came up with some great ideas! A few of them took their work home...if your student was one of them please make sure their art comes back to school with them on Tuesday January 15th! Attached is the flier.