3rd Grade

Course Description


Yesterday we learned how to write detailed procedures. The students were given the task to write down instructions on how to draw this exact house. When the students were done they had a partner draw exactly what they wrote. In the beginning, the students were drawing some very silly looking houses. 
By the end of the assignment, students were able to write down more detailed instructions resulting in a drawing closer to the assigned house. 
Looking to extend this activity at home? Have your students write down instructions on how to make a sandwich and then only do what they have written down. 

Science Fair

The Science Fair is coming up! The registration deadline is Monday, March 1st. In class, every student is coming up with a science fair idea and we are working on the research and design process. We will not be doing any experiments in the classroom. This way every student will get to learn about the scientific process and if you would like to execute the project at home, your student has the information needed to do so :)
Your student does NOT have to do the science fair but it is a great experience.
Some of the students wanted to work with partners, they need to first make sure that this is okay with you and that they can meet with their partner outside school hours several times before the science fair. If you have any questions, please email me :)

3rd Grade update :)

We have had a busy last few weeks!
Reports cards have been sent home. If you did not receive one from your student check their backpacks :)
We are finishing up our science unit on simple machines and force. Thursday we did a science lab and got to test out how different simple machines changed the amount of force needed to move objects. 
We will be testing on our multiplication and division chapter. The students have learned that decomposing is a good strategy for figuring out bigger multiplication problems. For example, 9x12 can be decomposed into 9x10 plus 9x2. We are trying to move away from drawing pictures and counting a bunch of tiny dots because students often miscount. 
We have also started cursive! The students are very excited about this. We practice one letter a day and then have extra practice of a fun fact if they want a challenge. 
We are working on opinion writing right now. The students are writing papers about what pet is the best pet to have. My favorite pet paper so far is a chipmunk!
What does third grade do the last hour of the day?
The last 30 minutes of our day is extremely important. This is the time where we make sure everything is organized, go over the next day and write in our planers. Planners have been a great communication piece to find out what your student did at school that day and what homework they might have. I make sure every kid write in their planner and has their homework in their planner. Please make sure you are checking this every night. This is also a good place to write me any notes.  If your student forgets their planner they have a piece of paper they are writing on.
Please do not send more than 30 focused minutes of your night on homework. Most nights students should only have reading to do. All other homework is unfinished work from class. If you notice a lot of work coming home feel free to ask me about it :)

readers are leaders

Readers are Leaders

There was a miscommunication for the Readers are Leaders reading logs. 3rd grade will have an extended time to fill out and turn in these reading logs. They will be due on March 4th.  

3rd Grade Goals:

Silver-  160 total minutes

Gold- 300 total minutes

equality vs equity photo
Today Ms. M talked to us about equality vs equity. At an age where being fair is so important, this is a tough concept. We talked about this picture and related it back to my job is to give kids the help they need, and that is different for everyone. I encourage you to continue this conversation at home with your family :)

December Events

Thursday, December 19th
Market Day
3rd Grade Classroom
Parents are welcome to come to see the businesses and shop! Ask your student if they are planning on having a business. The students need to turn in their business applications by Monday, December 16th. 
Friday, December 20th
Field Trip
Palouse Ice Rink
I am looking for some adventures parents to meet us at the Ice Rink to join in on the fun! Please email me if you would like to come. We will use this event as our winter class party. 

students working on their state research
We have been working hard this week. I wanted to update you on classroom news and what we have been learning. 
Dojo Class party!
We warned enough points for a classroom party. The kids voted to have a PJ and Movie afternoon. This party will be on Friday. December 6th. 
We just started our simple machines unit. The students now know that simple machines are inclined planes, pulleys, screws, levers, wedges and wheels and axels. They originally thought things like flip phones counted as a simple machine:)!
We just started out chapter 6 multiplication and division patterns. you will receive a letter tomorrow talking about the vocabulary we are learning wit this chapter and some activities you can do at home with your student. 
Social Studies
We are learning a little bit about each state. We cover one to two states a day in alphabetical order. Today we learned about Illinois. 
If you ever have any questions please email me :) I will not be sending out an email every Friday but will try to keep you updated as we change unites or have other big news. 

snack donations

From time to time we have students who forget a snack. I like to keep extras in my room for when this happens. Our classroom supply is running low. If you are able to donate a box of snacks we would greatly appreciate it!

Halloween night with Adelynn
Starting Monday I will be back full time in the classroom! I am looking forward to spending the rest of the year with 3rd grade. Our classroom routine will remain the same as it was with Mrs. Meyer. Please email me if you need anything.