Middle School Science

Course Description

What makes my classes different from other middle school science teachers: I use a 3-year spiraling curriculum that allows opportunities to revisit and deepen understandings of previous science content. All three grades study the big three Science Disciplines (Earth, Life, Physical) each year and this gives them opportunities to increase both the breadth and depth of what they are learning!
Curriculum pulls from multiple sources, each of which is student-centered and highly hands-on. FOSS Kits, Science Labs, Document Based Inquiries, and Text-Dependent Study Guides are woven tightly together to create a learning environment that fosters growth, scaffolds support and is fully Literacy and Science Standard Aligned. 
The following units are taught over the course of the year: 
6th  7th 8th
Quarter 1 Quarter 1 Quarter 1
Earth Science Earth Science Earth Science  
What is Science? Science as Inquiry- Meteorites and Outer Space Crystals & Minerals and Rock Cycle Review  
Oceans, Water, and Weather The Atmosphere Observing the Solar System and Planetary Geology  
Earth’s Forces and Plate Tectonics Oxygen, Nitrogen, & Carbon Cycles and Fossils/Fuels Stars and Galaxies and Microgravity  
Quarter 2 Quarter 2 Quarter 2
Earth Science Physical Science Life Science
Rocks and Fossil Records Mixtures and Solutions FOSS Kit What is Biology & Taxonomy
Astronomy and Solar System, Moon Phases  Atoms & Periodic Table- Minerals & Metals, Electricity Biodiversity and Biomes
Human Impact on Earth Chemical and Physical Changes Ecosystems & Ecology and Environmental Issues
Quarter 3  Quarter 3  Quarter 3
 Physical  Life  Physical
Electricity and Magnetism FOSS Kit What is Life- Protists, Bacteria, Fungi Acids, Bases, Salts
Levers and Pulleys FOSS Kit Obtaining Energy- Animals & Plants Wave Energy, Sound and Light
Thermodynamics and “Warm the Water” Heredity & Genetics  Nuclear Energy and Power
 Quarter 4   Quarter 4   Quarter 4
Life   Life  Physical
Living Things- Cells & Life Cycles

Natural Selection & Evolution  

Velocity, Acceleration, and Newton’s Laws
Kingdoms of Life- Animals Steelhead Fish Work, Power, and Machines
Conserving Resources Ecology- Environments and Invasive Species Solar Power