4th Grade

Course Description

I thought it would be fun to let you know that this is another way that you will be kept up to date with things that we do in 4th Grade.
Thank you for signing up to come in on Monday or Tuesday.
I wanted to send out a note to let you know that I will pick you all up in front of the Middle School at your scheduled time. We are trying to make sure everyone knows how to come on to campus. It helps the kids see that we will only pass on the east side of the building.
You will get to see the 4th Grade BackPack and the Line-Up Location are in the same place that it was last year the elementary building's south entrance. There will be a sign there.
It is here that I like to post pictures of the kids doing interesting, or fun things. The picture attached is of Clarissssa in case you haven't met her yet. She is a wonderful class pet. I attached the Supply List again, just in case you need it. 
Thanks, Ms. BonzoπŸ¦‰


Realistic Fiction Presentations
                 Abby reading to the class...
Each student read what they had been working on that followed the plotline. Each received feedback about their characters or problem.
This was a good and difficult writing assignment with a lot of revisions and gaining useful communication skills.
A fun way for the kids to experience their last full day of 4th grade!
...The more you play with language, the more fun it is-- kids are super focused in this nonverbal activity...
ELA in Action-- Charades-- Picture 1 of 3
3 groups as we wrap up the year--excellent storytelling and cooperation!
The Play is about to start!!
Thanks Ms. Fisher for such a professional and fun experience for all the MCS kids!
🌠StarArtπŸŒƒ with Ms. Jonesβ˜„πŸŒŒ
The kids had a treat today as they learned about the galaxies of our universe in the mobile planetarium ---art and science!
Thanks to the city for allowing all the MCS kids the use of this wonderful 'space' too! (Get it!!πŸ˜‰)
The kids have been working together really well. Kyleigh and Katie are great examples of being tuned-in students!
Mini Field Trip yesterday for a Science Connection in Morning Meeting-- It all starts with a Question...How many plots are there in the City's Community Garden?
Hugo and Taya listening to each other about their Realistic Fiction Story. 
All the kids have learned so much about how to work with a partner and how that gets them to think more deeply about their own work. It is good to see this growth.
Sooo...this is what one month of plastic looks like. The kids were guessing 1000 lbs +/-!!       And, this was April's total--393 pounds.
Saturday, this load will be dropped off at the Recycle Center.
The kids empty out 7 boxes each day. They all get a chance to be a Trex Collector-- and they love doing it! 
Thank you 4th Graders!!
Riveted by the Talent Show!
The kids loved watching and there were quite a few that performed from our class! πŸŽ‰πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸŽ€πŸŽΆ
Wednesday is when we get the Newspaper each week!
This is a great picture of kids immersed in different parts of the text material. They were assigned an article to read about Mattel's new Barbie that has Down Syndrome. We discussed the importance of having toys that include all types of people-- just like the real world.