Elementary Music

Course Description

Mrs. Pfund reads a favorite book:
The Sailor's Alphabet illustrated by Michael McCurdy
Sing along with the Norwegian Sailors from Wagner's opera The Flying Dutchman.
-Sailor's Chorus sung by the Victorian Opera Chorus
-Sailor's Chorus sung by the Bulgarian National Opera Chorus
-"Sailors Chorus Words" Page > to the right 
-Click on the class video and watch > https://youtu.be/eaMStStProo
Clap along with the rhythm from "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg.
-Open the "Active Listening" page to the right. It is page #2.
-Watch the Seattle Symphony perform Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King."
Mr. A
Who is Mr. A? Mr. A is a tuning fork, and he sings "A." His scientific name is A-440/A-1. A-440 is the standard pitch on the piano with the frequency of 440 Hz. A-1 refers to the first "A" above middle "C" on the piano.
Each week I ask a student to sing A-440/A-1 before I play the tuning fork. I am trying to train the pitch into their psyches. After the student attempts to sing A-440/A1 (many of the students are now able to sing an "A" before hearing it), Mr. A sings to the students, and then the class sings his name, A-440-A1 on the pitch "A."
We begin each class this way.