Middle School Art

Course Description

Welcome to Middle School ART!! This year I will be introducing the class to different periods of art, beginning with prehistoric art. We'll be working on adapting art from different continents and cultures before moving on to a new era. The class will also be spending time each week on art criticism. This will expose students to famous artwork and teach them to look at art and see the elements and principals that go into each piece of work. 


stained glass
This week students have been working on creating their own stained glass artwork. The class spent time discussing the history of stained glass, looking at the earliest known examples, and walking through the process of how colored glass is made. Students were able to select their own image to use as a guide and applied a glue solution and tissue paper to create the illusion of stained glass. They look magnificent in the classroom window!
Students have been working on the Line element of art this month. They were very proud of the way their zentangle pumpkins turned out. Each student started with a white page, with only the pumpkin outline. They then used markers to create lines and patterns, some opted to add color as well. 
Our most recent art project included literary art. Students were asked to write a poem of at least three stanzas, with a matching rhyme scheme. They then illustrated their poem in crayon, and finally painted over the page with water color paint. The writing and art came together to create really beautiful (and sometimes creepy!) images. I'm very proud of their efforts with this project. 
Aboriginal Art
The class is continuing to learn about first people in various parts of the world. This week we looked at Australia, and the Aboriginal people who live there. I think you'll agree, their work turned out amazing!
Student art
Our class completed their first assignment! They were asked to create a scratch art page showing something they'd like future generations to know about our world. This was a long process, starting with a rough draft, moving on to creating the blank scratch art page, finishing with creating the final scratch art. Students were able to present their art to the class and explain what they chose to portray, and why it was important to them.