5th Grade

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Hey 5th Grade!
This is a great place to keep up on what we're doing as a class. I'll post updates here to help give some insight into how our class works together to achieve our goals!


Hard at work!
This class has been hard at work! Here they are working on ELA centers, where they rotate between 3 different assignments. They are really getting the hang of their routines and responsibilities! 
Multiplication problems
"Math is fun!" "I love math!" "I'm starting to get the hang of multiplication!"
These are just a few of the wonderful things chorused by the 5th Graders before walking to lunch. They worked in small groups to solve these math problems on the board, then diligently practiced multiplying large numbers! 
Field trip to Gladish Community Center
The MCS 5th and 4th Graders got to see Collision of Rhythm at the Gladish Community Center this morning. We saw tap-dancing, piano, beatboxing, drumming, and body percussion! What a cool field trip!
US Geography practice
Eirene, Mette, Elliot T, and Anthony playing a social studies card game to study United States Geography. The class really enjoys these games!
Finding patterns
In our morning meeting today, we practiced finding and continuing patterns. Here is Ezra coming up with a pattern for the class to identify and continue. 
Kindness Kudo
5th Graders are role models for all of the elementary students. Today the 3rd Graders recognized a kind action of our 5th grade with a Kindness Kudo!
Finding magnetic materials
Today we used magnets to test and find magnetic materials in our classroom! Elliot M, Elliot T, and Hawk noticed that some of the classroom whiteboards are magnetic, while others are not.
Note Taking
Taking notes can be fun! 😁
Students had to walk around the classroom and find 8 different parts of speech and take notes for each one. Some worked in partners (pictured here) and others chose to work independently. 
Students voting for Fat Bear Week
Today marks the first day of Fat Bear Week! We've been watching the bears of Katmai National Park in Alaska. Fat Bear Week is an annual celebration of their success in preparing for a long winter hibernation. They had to eat a lot to gain enough fat to last them through the winter! 
Starting today, we voted for our favorite fat bears, and yesterday we filled out brackets for the competition and chose who we thought the ultimate Fat Bear Champion would be. 🐻
Our class tree.
This is our class tree! 5th Graders earn a leaf for great classroom behavior or tokens earned from other staff members. Their tree has already grown by more than 15 leaves since the beginning of the year!