5th Grade

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Hey 5th Grade!
This is a great place to keep up on what we're doing as a class. I'll post updates here to help give some insight into how our class works together to achieve our goals!


Avista Energy Presentation
These 5th Graders have been super interested in renewable energy and how humans impact the earth. We were lucky to have Paul Kimmel from Avista speak to 5th and 4th grade about Avista's renewable energy efforts and answer questions! 
Ice Skating
5th Grade had a blast ice skating last week! Huge thank you to Palouse Ice Rink for having us and the 4th graders. What a fun time!
Deak and Hawk showing Nugget
Deak and Hawk brought in their pet hedgehog, Nugget, on their birthday before Spring Break. What a treat it was to have such a special visitor!
Book-a-Bunga! Mila, Jorja, and Mette focused on reading.
We spent today talking about reading and books. Huge thanks to Ali Bretthauer for coming in to do a Book Talk about "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein!
First Spanish lesson
The Spanish 2 Middle Schoolers are officially teaching Spanish to the 5th graders! Every other Thursday they come over to the Elementary building and spend 35 minutes with us.
Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day! Last week the 5th graders decorated bags and wrote notes to their classmates expressing things they appreciate about one another. They were so excited to share their notes and give little gifts of appreciation to each other! 
Mr. Nealon teaching
Mr. Nealon has been working with the 5th Grade during our math and ELA sections since the beginning of the year. This morning he led a lesson about word problems. Good job Mr. Nealon, and good job 5th Grade!
Treats, Traditions, and Texts
Just like that, break is over and we are back on our way! This is a goofy photo from our Treats, Traditions, and Texts party the Friday before break. This class went above and beyond with their research for informational texts and sharing of their traditional holiday foods. We had such a fun time. 
Poinsettia Math projects
This week the class worked on a project called "Poinsettia Math." They created poinsettias with petals filled with decimal multiplication problems, and leaves showing how to model decimal multiplication. They turned out great!  
Silly class picture
There is never a dull day with this goofy class! :) They have really been enjoying the snow, and they are looking forward to the break that comes with it! 
Door Decorations
The finished classroom door! The students worked together to come up with the design, and created each piece almost entirely by themselves, The candy cane includes all sorts of holiday and winter greetings. What a creative and hardworking class!