Middle School Spanish

Course Description

This is a beginning Spanish course which focuses on developing students’ comprehension of a foreign language and sparking lifelong interest in foreign language. The majority of class time will be in the target language as students work collaboratively to acquire language through discussion, creating imaginary characters, writing stories, and analyzing pictures and short videos. In accordance with the ACTFL World Language Standards, students’ ability to comprehend, communicate, and make connections will be emphasized over grammatical precision or memorization. Students will naturally acquire language by participating in class and will build positive associations with language learning!


In order to support natural language acquisition, students' presence and participation is essential. Students who are absent will be assigned alternative make-up work but the exact content of each class cannot be recreated as it depends on interactions between students. Excessive absences will affect your overall grade. If you are absent: 1) watch TWO Dreaming Spanish YouTube videos 2) In English, write 5 sentences for EACH video summarizing the content of that video.


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