1st Grade

Course Description

Feel free to come and volunteer any time, I love help in the classroom!
  • The first grade curriculum is based off of the the CCSS standards for all subjects http://www.corestandards.org 
  •  For Language Arts, I use the Harcourt reading program, Spectrum Reading, Writing, Spelling and Language Arts.I am also developing a curriculum based off of the CCSS standards. 
  •  For math I use the, My Math, program which is used by all grades here at MCS, the Spectrum Math program  and I am developing an additional program using the CCSS standards. 
  • For science I am developing a curriculum based on the CCSS standards and I use education.com, as well as the Scholastic, Science Spin program. 
  • For Social Studies I am developing a curriculum based on the CCSS standards, as well as the Scholastic News program. 
  • I also teach engineering daily, which is lined to the Social Studies and science curriculum
  • In addition, I teach educational songs that cover the days of the week, months of the year, seasons of the year, planets in the solar system, bones of the body and much more.
  • Middle School Teacher Aides come daily to help run centers for a small group setting