Mrs. Ryann Warzyn » Welcome to Middle School Math and Electives!

Welcome to Middle School Math and Electives!

Hello! My name is Mrs. Warzyn and I am SO excited to be the new middle school math and electives teacher. This is my first-year teaching at Moscow Charter School. This year I will be teaching art, robotics team, intro to robotics, and 3-D art.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at the University of Idaho and am certified to teach K-8th grade. I'm also endorsed for English Language Arts 6th-9th grade.I recently finished my student-teaching internship at Troy Elementary School. While at Troy Elementary, I was involved in the after-school tutoring program for grades K-12th.

I am originally from Boise, Idaho and moved to Moscow when I started college in 2012. At U of I, I met and married my husband, Nick Mata-Warzyn. Being from Idaho I absolutely love being outdoors. On the weekends and in the summer I'm out riding my bike, hanging-out by the lake, hammocking and having picnics in the park!

My Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that the best learning opportunities are the opportunities students come up with themselves. When we are learning and exploring together as a classroom community to answer questions creates a learning environment where students are excited to ask questions. When they ask questions, I don't know the answer to, I use it as a teachable moment for the class to show them that it's okay not to have all of the answers and its okay to ask questions. When we are learning together I'm demonstrating to my students that learning is lifelong process.

I also believe that the role of a teacher is to be an advocate for the child. Teachers should not only foster a child's educational development, but should support his emotional, physical, and social growth. A teacher should provide an environment conducive to his student's needs.

Teachers should treat students with dignity and respect. They should lead by example through demonstrating manners and professionalism and should strive to instill these values in their students. A teacher should be patient and tolerant of children who lack these traits but should also be committed to correcting these behaviors through effective classroom management.