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Class has earned a stuffy to bring to class!
Dear Parents:
This week we wrote our rough draft of an insect paragraph.  On Monday, we will rewrite and put it into a book to share with you.
We continue to work on strategies to help us remember our addition math facts.
Reviewing double addition facts and near doubles facts is very helpful to your children.  
        ( 5 + 5 = 10, 5+4 = 9 , 5 + 6 = 11)  for example
Recently, we reviewed how doubles helps us to subtract.  We will also review how addition and subtraction go together.
This week, I shared the book Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen with the class.  For their homework this coming week, I will be sending home a paper person to dress from the country of origin of your family.  We learned that all of us are pilgrims to the United States of America.  Later this month, we will build our Wampanoag Village.  This is the tribe of Native Americans that helped the First Pilgrims winter in their new home.
Enjoy your weekend, the weather is lovely! 
Warm regards,
Cheryl Kintner
Spelling words for the coming week:
1.  bar       11.  fourteen
2.  jar         12. source
3.  star       13. between
4.  farm      14. enough
5.  harm     15. idea
6.  charm    16. November
7.  dark
8.  remark
9.  sparkle
10.  alarm