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Dear Parents,
Thank you for signing up for a fall conference during the week of October 28 - November 1.  Thank you for the treats for our Fall Party on Wednesday from 12:45 - 1:30.  
It is also Spirit Week so Monday is Blue and White Day, Tuesday is PJ, Hat Day, or Crazy Hair Day and Wednesday is Costume Day.  It is always a busy week, but one that we hope is fun for the kids!
On Wednesday, second grade will go on their first field trip to the Insect Museum at the University of Idaho.  Dr. Luc LeBlanc will share his amazing insects with us.  We leave at 9:45 on Wednesday morning and will be back at school after 11:00.  Since we are taking a school bus, we will have room for parents.  You are welcome to join us.
The spelling test will be given on Tuesday.  Homework for this short week will be to continue to read.  This supports growth in conventional spelling and in writing.    
Spelling Words for this Week:  Tuesday Test
1.  Mr.
2.  Mrs.
3.  Dr.
4.  Jan.
5.  Aug.
6.  Dec.
7.  Tues.
8.  Wed.
9.  Sun.
10. St.
11. rehearse
12. search
13. before
14.  blue
15.  room
16.  October
Cheryl Kintner