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 This is a great example of kids' work!
Creating a Topic Sentence for The Whipping Boy Project Paragraphs that go through individual creation, cooperative analysis, and whole-group reflection.
      The sentences that you see on the board are collaborative work. The formula for a strong topic sentence needed to be applied-- strong subject and specific focus. Then we went over what worked and what the other sentences were doing, whether they summarized or added particular facts from the story.
     We are on our final project. It will include a few paragraphs, Pointillism, a math model, and two selected similies from the novel that we read in Literature Circle.
       For this whole story reading, the kids were put into three groups for our Literature Circle. Some read with me, some with Ms. Buehler and Ms. VanGuten. The kids learned to watch the plot's events through the lens of the conflict between the two main characters. They learned that each character grew and changed in the story. They loved discussing with each other.
Literature Circles are a wonderful shared class experience!