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Library Books (Please look around your homes and see if you have one of the class library books.)
Report Cards and Classwork Examples
Hi Families,
    It's the start of the 3rd Quarter!  The kids have grown so much!
Today, lots of items will be coming home that show some good examples of things we did in the 2nd Quarter.
    I wrote a note on every report card, plus a reminder--- please-- turn in 3 Reading Logs. That is an expectation for each quarter and it teaches responsibility for the kids to fill out the log and get it signed by a family member. 
    Also, there is some helpful Lexia information included too.
    You may see work coming home to be finished. We are at the place in the year where the kids know the criteria for what they are doing and need to meet getting things done in 4th-grade time too. They are ready and they are excited together.
Plus, we are talking about a project for the Humane Society of the Palouse. Stay Tuned!
Thanks, Ms. Bonzo