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Using Math Data in Morning Meeting to Create a TIme Graph or How groups work together to do some problem-solving. It is learning how to work in committees :)
The kids brought their reading book to our meeting and during the Greeting stated the name of the book and the copyright date.
       (Aside- Yay! Reading Logs are coming in for the 2nd Quarter!
The kids are doing their learning!)
 The Sharing was that those dates were written on the whiteboard. Then, as an Activity, they got with their job partner to plan how to present the data set. After the two worked together, they were matched with another two. After that, we came together with a discussion about the criteria needed for this information to be communicated. 
 The Closing for the hour we had spent together was that they reviewed the steps to get this information to be represented. 
This afternoon, they will revise and turn in a final copy. All this work was the rough stuff.  And it showed how well that could go from beginning to end to accomplish a task. The work was broken into time chunks to make sure they could see that all of the steps could be completed. We spent time analyzing together too.
The criteria list that was presented by each group had the same info! Yay, they are getting the idea!