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Growing our Ice Skating Skills at Palouse Ice Rink
We have been looking forward to this for many weeks and it was just a wonderful time of practice and fun, support and learning. 
There were 7 total parents, grandparents, or siblings that showed up too which made it more fun! Thank you all for coming!
Before we left, we did a survey and everyone has been to the ice rink so we talked about helping to raise money for a full-size rink. The kids were surprised by the amount!
The other idea we surveyed was the level of skill as an individual ice skater-- how do you rate yourself? The choices were 1,2, or 3 with 1 as low (2 kids), 2 as developing or in progress (10 kids), and 3 as " I only fall when I want to :)) (6 kids). 
 We left wanting more!!--everyone wanted to go again!!