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   Congratulations to Lilly and Trenten who created marvelous mosaics for our Class Rubik's Cube Mosaic.
        Last week when the kids were creating the mosaics for the Rubik's Cube design, they had 3 objective areas-- original design, not copied, all 6 colors are used, all the blocks are essential to the design.  There was one area, that was subjective-- if they thought the design was 'cool'. All four areas were given the same 1-2-3 point options.  we had two winners, but wait, something was not right, the criteria hadn't been met. After having a fabulous discussion-- literally lightbulbs were going off above their heads!!-- the kids rediscovered the meaning of criteria! They really get "criteria" now!!. The Criteria List really means that those are the things that are expected! Soooo, we had another vote!!  Two different mosaics made it for that vote from those submitted because they all realized that the first two that were chosen didn't meet the criteria although they were interesting and creative.
Thank you to all the 8 kids that submitted their ideas!!
We will be making our Rubik Cube Mosaic on Friday. Each student will have one 3 by 3 section of Trenten's design to create.