Mrs. Janet Granja » Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

        I have been teaching since 1992, after graduating from the University of California with a California Multiple Subject Bilingual/Cross-cultural Emphasis Credential, having first obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies. My early teaching years were that of a bilingual teacher, where I learned to differentiate instruction (by the use of Learning Stations or centers) to the divergent needs of individual students. I have worked with various student populations from Arizona to Alaska, and have developed a cultural awareness that respects student families and backgrounds, while maintaining high expectations of academic performance with continued encouragement and support. I have taught in 3 different charter schools, so am very aware of the advantages they can offer students and their families. I have also taught all grade levels, from Kinder to High School. My instructional model involves a thematic approach which features hands-on projects with focused academic work.
        My family moved to the Moscow area in 2,000, and I have been teaching third grade at Moscow Charter School since 2010. I am a weaver and spinner, and raise a motley crew of Shetland sheep and pygora goats, the subject of which I use in my special unit on fiber, which culminates in a silkworm project. This project incorporates a S.T.E.A.M approach in that students raise and document silkworms from eggs through all of their life cycle stages to moths who lay eggs; and includes relevant literature (both fiction and non-fiction text), technology, and engineering (plan, design and construct) a cocoon frame for the silkworms to spin their cocoons in.
       I also teach English folk dance in an After School Club activity, mixing social dances such as English Country Dance with a performance dance-form—Morris dance. The student dance troupe (The Merry Missives of Moscow) has been performing since 2001, both in local events such as the Moscow Renaissance Faire, and visiting local nursing homes; as well as out-of-town venues such as the Spokane Folk Festival and Seattle Folklife.
      I welcome Parent and Community volunteers, and have used them to help with Station/Center work, individual coaching, help on Field Trips, construction of Student Portfolios, and special projects (such as teaching students to knit). My classroom is always open, so feel free to come by and visit.