Week of Jan 21, 2019

Dear Parents,
This is a reminder that not only do we get Monday off, for M.L.K. Day, but the kids do not come to school this Friday, do to a teacher work day. As you may know, this is the end of the school quarter.
Quarter reading assessments show that all the kids continue to make good gains in reading. Please keep reading with your child at home. It is paying off.
Also, I encourage you to do addition and subtraction flash card with your child.
One of the skills we have been working on in school is seeing 8 + 6 as 10 +
4 to make it an easier problem. I call these problems as looking for 10 problems.
I want to thank you again for sending your great kids to M.C.S.
Mr. Cole
P.S. There will be no formal spelling test, because of the short week.