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4th Graders Ely and Deakin are really helping out with the MCS Food Drive!!
They have brought in a lot to help others. It is exciting to see the kids think and do for others. 
The Food Drive lasts until next Friday!
Emily and Loki are sharing a spinner (the pencil holds a paper clip in place) to create fraction models. Once those are created, then they order them from least to greatest.
Lots of practice this week with fractions so that the kids realize that how fun they are when you know your math facts for multiplication.
More collaboration from looking at the distance that Lewis and Clark traveled. We thought about it "as the crow flies" and actually by following the Missouri and Columbia rivers. You can see Benja, Spencer, Conner, Grayson, and Wyatt checking out and on each other's work. :)
Rulers are complicated and using them takes a lot of practice!
 Here you can see Ely, Clover, and Lila putting up their results for their table group. Working together and individually to correctly measure the information from the map is a multistep task that requires perseverance. It was good to get the kids to remember that cooperation happens because we have two ears and one mouth! Listening allows more voices to engage in the discussion.
Gallery Walk--- History of Pets Timelines
Understanding and then creating a graphic organizer for information takes time and many conversations. The kids did a very good job presenting their ideas and about how to show the information. Three students, Timber, Benja, and Declan, had their work chosen by their classmates at the strongest, meaning following the rubric most closely.
Each student has come a long way getting work completed in a timely manner and using our tools in class appropriately,
This work will come home tomorrow for you to "Ooh and Aah" over. :)
Hope you all have a restful and meaningful Thanksgiving with friends and family if you are able to share it.  
Take Care! Ms. Bonzo🦉
     The positive student behavior, work, and attitudes have filled another ginormous Reese's Mug! And this is how our class celebrated with a fraction model to show the choices!
      Emily and Benja who are Teacher's Assistants this week did the tally work. Each student got to choose between one salty Cheez It or one sweet Sour Patch chewy. As the kids chose, the TAs colored in the fraction. That way what was chosen was represented in the fractional model.
       The reason there was a choice between salty or sweet is that, at two different Morning Meetings, motions have been made for what will be the reward for all the good stuff the kids are doing. Yet, there hasn't been a unanimous choice even with all the good discussion. So today, I thought it would be fun to do an experiment and see which direction the class would go and made a hypothesis that it would be about 1/2 and 1/2 from the discussions. And look-- completely different outcome!
Using Math Data in Morning Meeting to Create a TIme Graph or How groups work together to do some problem-solving. It is learning how to work in committees :)
The kids brought their reading book to our meeting and during the Greeting stated the name of the book and the copyright date.
       (Aside- Yay! Reading Logs are coming in for the 2nd Quarter!
The kids are doing their learning!)
 The Sharing was that those dates were written on the whiteboard. Then, as an Activity, they got with their job partner to plan how to present the data set. After the two worked together, they were matched with another two. After that, we came together with a discussion about the criteria needed for this information to be communicated. 
 The Closing for the hour we had spent together was that they reviewed the steps to get this information to be represented. 
This afternoon, they will revise and turn in a final copy. All this work was the rough stuff.  And it showed how well that could go from beginning to end to accomplish a task. The work was broken into time chunks to make sure they could see that all of the steps could be completed. We spent time analyzing together too.
The criteria list that was presented by each group had the same info! Yay, they are getting the idea!
So Excited-- Front Row Seats for Collision of Rhythm Performance at the Gladish Community Center  
The kids were a terrific audience for these amazing performers. It was fun to have so many family members be able to come too!
Check out the link to see a look at them. They perform tonight!
Thanks to Festival Dance and its sponsors for providing this opportunity to students in our county. It was the first 'live' performance for most of the students! 
Applying the Idea of Fractions
       Today during Math, I had the kids take fractions and make the strips that show what they look like from 1 whole to 1/12 of the whole. They used a ruler, scissors, colored pencils, and a black and white template that I gave them. (That is the one you will see at home and we folded them accordion style.)
The colorful ones, even in the ROYGBIV pattern, we kept at school to use during this topic we are working on. 
The kids worked by (MP.6) attending to precision to get the parts equally sized.
You can see Ely, Clover, and Loki are at different parts of the lesson. The kids behind them, Spencer, Heidi, and Langston are all very focused too.
LIFESIZE read by Eliza
We had an Usborne bookfair last week and Eliza donated a book to our class. She picked a great book! This book by Sophy Henn shows the actual size of animals or their parts.
She was walking around in this picture showing the kids and getting them to flap at the speed of a hummingbird. She showed the toenails of an elephant--only 2 could fit on the page! 
It is always neat to see the kids share ideas with each other.  
We have the rules down for this fun nonverbal game.  We have played it several times and this time, I broke the kids into groups of 4. You can see three of the 5 groups here. They love it! They are getting better and better at coming up with ways to express the ideas and rhyming (sounds like...) to get their audience to guess the word or phrase. Learning to communicate in many forms is a skill that can help so much. :)
 MCS Grade 3-5 Band Teacher participated in all of Spirit Week! The kids and us really enjoyed the ideas from the ASB Middle Schoolers. 
Here you see Oh Deer, Boo (from Monsters Inc.), and Witch Kind. :)
We are all finishing up the quarter and getting the kids ready for Student-Led Conference next week.
Halloween Costumes and Benja's Birthday!
     There was a big assortment of characters! This group of cats, a dog, video game characters, vampires, military soldiers, queen, pirate, panda, jester, bat, Coroline cast members, football players, and others did a creative job with their costumes! 
       We talked about how much has changed in a year from not being able to Trick or Treat last year to everyone getting out. We all feel really lucky!
Math Fact Practice 
It is always fun to practice multiplication as a game. The kids used the multiplication chart and then calculators to practice math facts. Here Loki and Grayson check each other's work. The one with the most tally points won! 
Also, has been MCS Spirit Week and both of these kids love red! 
Partner Math Conversations with "Smart Boards"
Using 2 short videos to talk about the Math Practice Standards, the kids worked on the definition of Reason and Argument. We looked at the word origin for each and its meaning. 
The kids did a very good job talking with each other and explaining their thinking. Math is a tool for communication and they got lots of practice.