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Visiting the Moscow Public Library after the tour and lesson at the Prichard Art Gallery. We had about an hour of time to read, share, and find new books. We ate lunch on the benches and then caught the public transit back to our class.
Another great field trip!!
Writers Feedback about Introduction Narration for Radio Show
This Reading Group performed their beginning and the class gave them compliments, comments, or suggestions on their work. For all groups, it was fun to have them speaking into a microphone to tell a story. The big white room divider is what they sit behind and it is in the process of turning into a 'set'. It will look like a table with a radio on it and the performers will be behind the set.
Writing the Intro Narration of their Radio Show
Each Reading Group is working on the information that will be ready to start their story. They are thinking of the music, sounds and character information that will be needed to be explained to their listener audience in order to know what scene they are doing from the book they read.
They have been listening to classic radio show starts like-- Gunsmoke, Johnny Dollar, and War of the Worlds in order to get the importance of setting up the story.  It's fun to listen to them come up with voices as they experiment with tone and inflection to get the effect they want. Creative juices are flowing!
And, it all started with 4th Graders in 2019!
Our community had its 3rd Collection Day for Plastic Film on Saturday. I drove over 2 full pickup loads. At the end of the day, 1596 pounds was collected into 13 containers! This year, our school has collected 6000 pounds or 3 tons!
Remember the next collection will be Saturday, April 4.
Morning Meeting Activity
Today, I took the kids outside and we practiced coordination moves. They learned the heel-toe walk. It was hard and they had a good attitude about it. This rhythmic move we started in our classroom and then took it outside. I used the song by Pharrel, Happy, to study Parts of Speech and for us to move while sitting and all the ways that you move. They were excited to find out the challenge from something that looked simple.
MCS Spelling Bee 2020
It went 20 Rounds and there were 16 kids that started out this morning! 
4th Grader Michael Synder won and 5th Grader Becky Manning is Runner Up! Thank you to our Pronouncer Ms. Buehler, and Judges Ms. Kelley and Mr. Francetich!
The Inland Northwest Regional Spelling Bee will be March 14 at LCSC and the winner will represent our area in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. in May.
Site Inventory for Stormwater Landscape Design
The kids cataloged trees, low spots, impervious areas and other types of things that make up our campus. We did this work in partners in the area of the new school. When Kelli Cooper from the City of Moscow came after lunch she taught a lesson and then the kids went through the back play area and cataloged again. The observed what would be areas to change and noticed how the water on our campus moves. They did a good job thinking about MCS in a 'design' way.
Aaron Johnson (Ruby's Dad) shares how he created the 2020 Lionel Hampton Jazz Poster!!
This was a fabulous lesson!!
Ms. Mickey, Latah County District Nurse teaches our class how to use a stethoscope.
We are studying the body systems. It is really interesting to see the kids hunt for their heart and then once they find it, get quiet and listen to their own rhythm. :)
Writers' Workshop led by Ms. Pimental-- A great part of BOOK A BUNGA
She taught "Introductory Hooks" with the kids to teach them about the power of 'carrying the reader along' to get into a story. She used facts about dinosaurs with the kids to get them to focus on how to write these very important parts of storytelling.
Lucas is sharing his work at the document camera and the class is looking at the list of techniques to assess which on he used. All were eager to come and share. We had great participation because our class is always super engaged.
Rainbow Dance Theater at the Gladish Center
Festival Dance brought together so many students from the area to see the performance of the history of Hip Hop. It was interactive with kids learning a lot of rhythm and communication through movement.
It was free thanks to sponsors! What a great experience and very educational.
Readers' Workshop Book Groups
          The kids are starting to read together and when finished collecting details about characters, setting, and understanding the plot, they will write their own radio scripts.
         Each group has a different book. We have been listening to parts of classic radio shows to help them understand what they will be doing.
It is fun to imagine and tell a story that only will be heard.
Passing Out Valentines-- Action Shot!
The kids put the thoughtful and carefully prepared Valentine Cards to each other in their Home Base Bins. We had a really fun afternoon.