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The ideas that are connected to MLKJr.
         We started Social Studies listening to excerpts from the 1963 I Have a Dream Speech and discussion about the people and ideas that have to do with freedom and human rights. They clapped many times during the speech.
          Then I put six words up on the board MLKJr, Rosa Parks, Equality, Civil Rights, or Abraham Lincoln that they could research in Newsela. They had time to read a bit, and then brought the article title forward on the web of ideas.
          Each student had a chance to share what more they learned about one of the articles.   
          Learning to use Newsela as a research tool specifically for certain ideas is important because they saw the connections of the ideas.
From the Mountain of Despair a Stone of Hope.
5007 Pounds of Plastic Film so far!!
Emily and Spencer are the Trex Kids this week and have been busy as more of our school families are dropping off material. This picture shows them from one morning gathering and weighing the plastic. They are holding 19 pounds.
Sums and Differences Crossword Puzzle
The kids worked with their job partner to practice math facts doing 4 digit equations. Then after they had filled in the puzzle, they go over their work practicing with a calculator.
Here, Clover and Karissa discuss their work. It is important for them to have time to work through problems and figure out how to talk about them. 
MCS Plastic Film Collection
5000 pounds or 2 1/2 tons for this school year!
Spencer and Emily are holding 19 pounds of plastic that came in yesterday during the school day.
Just this week, and it's Wednesday, our total so far is 45 pounds.
The City of Moscow collection total on Saturday was 2400 pounds!
Is Snow Colder than 0 Degrees Celsius?
Working with their job partner, a 10-minute sand timer,  and a thermometer, the kids chose 4 locations to test. They sang Happy Birthday 3 times and then took a reading. 
Once everyone was done-- with time to spare, we took one more reading at the front of the school. 
When we returned back to class, the kids sorted the data, wrote results, and drew a few conclusions. They also noted what was easy and hard about doing the science.
 They worked together really well!!
❄Playing Inside a Snowglobe!❄
The weather was perfect at recess this afternoon for all kinds of fun. It was so nice-- and felt so warm, it was the perfect day for a picture. Everybody was present!
These kids are really coming along together socially and academically.
👏A good way to start 2022!
Enchanted Elf Escapades!! 
The Exchange was so fun! Each elf gave and received a gift! They were gracious and fun all together, just like a good elf group!
Each has an elf name now too!
Thursday will be fun as they give homemade gifts.
Ely and Lila create the Square Number 64
In celebration of having my birthday on Thursday, I gave out to the kids my 'working stash' of Skittles for math. Each pair needed to create one of the square numbers on the multiplication chart. Helping create models is a process that allows for foundation building. It is really necessary for every content area.
They started it the number 9 (Those Skittles were edible and my treat to share for my birthday) since that is the day of the month that was were celebrating! I told them that I love Skittles because all the colors are included-- just like what we want for people in life. They appreciated that comment; to my surprise, they clapped in agreement. That was a great birthday present!
Feel the Light in the Darkest Night
This is the theme that our door shows!
The kids expressed that a lot has happened over the past 20 months and it has been hard and scary. We talked about how knowing difficult times is part of life and so is knowing that deep inside is the light of hope that keeps us going!
The little elf ornament that each person created fits with our Enchanted Elf Escapades Gift Exchange. The lightbulb has a quote from Elizabeth Barrett Browning who lived when Lewis and Clark did. It reads."Light Tomorrow with Today." The cloud that those two items are hanging from represents the cloud of sadness and confusion from these past months.
 Enchanted Elf Escapades is underway!!
These fun helpers, Declan, Wyatt, and Medora, are reminding us all that we have started our class game. It is a fun one!
The kids filled out information about themselves to share with others--things like favorite color, etc. Another classmate elf will get the name next week and the third week, the gifts will be exchanged. It is really a nice way to show how we have grown together! 
Everyone is keeping the name of who they get deep inside their 4th-grade brains! That way the game is fun and inexpensive (A $10 only budget for both gifts.)
Tis the season of merriment and light! 😁  
P.S. The theme they worked together on to create  for our door was  "Feel the light in the darkest night." 
4th Graders Ely and Deakin are really helping out with the MCS Food Drive!!
They have brought in a lot to help others. It is exciting to see the kids think and do for others. 
The Food Drive lasts until next Friday!
Emily and Loki are sharing a spinner (the pencil holds a paper clip in place) to create fraction models. Once those are created, then they order them from least to greatest.
Lots of practice this week with fractions so that the kids realize that how fun they are when you know your math facts for multiplication.
More collaboration from looking at the distance that Lewis and Clark traveled. We thought about it "as the crow flies" and actually by following the Missouri and Columbia rivers. You can see Benja, Spencer, Conner, Grayson, and Wyatt checking out and on each other's work. :)
Rulers are complicated and using them takes a lot of practice!
 Here you can see Ely, Clover, and Lila putting up their results for their table group. Working together and individually to correctly measure the information from the map is a multistep task that requires perseverance. It was good to get the kids to remember that cooperation happens because we have two ears and one mouth! Listening allows more voices to engage in the discussion.
Gallery Walk--- History of Pets Timelines
Understanding and then creating a graphic organizer for information takes time and many conversations. The kids did a very good job presenting their ideas and about how to show the information. Three students, Timber, Benja, and Declan, had their work chosen by their classmates at the strongest, meaning following the rubric most closely.
Each student has come a long way getting work completed in a timely manner and using our tools in class appropriately,
This work will come home tomorrow for you to "Ooh and Aah" over. :)
Hope you all have a restful and meaningful Thanksgiving with friends and family if you are able to share it.  
Take Care! Ms. Bonzo🦉