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Moscow Charter School

Playground Project

Playground Project

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped with the playground installation!!  

We can never thank you enough for all of your hard work, sweat, sleepless nights, and even on occasion tears!  We appreciate you sacrificing your days, nights weekends, and time away from your families!  This playground has been a long time coming! We also must not forget to thank those of you have been helping with fundraisers, grants and donations over the years. This was a much needed addition to our school and the kids are so excited and grateful!  It is so wonderful to hear the kids at school talking about how their parents and sometimes even the kids themselves were able to come together and build such an awesome playground!  

We finally did it YAY!!  Guess what everyone listed below is doing this weekend?  NOT working on the playground!!

We tried to keep a running list of those of you who stopped in to help us out.  Please if we missed you, let us know.  You deserve a spot on our thank you page!

Josh, Lashelle, Tristan & Cadence Wilson
Luke, Lisa, Isaac & Bax Harmon
Dan Joosten & Karen Johnson
Anne, Duane & Colin Wessels
Leslie Baker
Bill & Angus Hall
Stacy Morris
Abel & Sarah Kelley
Lisa Fournier
Larry & Christina Todd
Val & Riley Carter
Brenda & Mark Riendeau
Tom & Jody Mathews
Val & Riley Carter
Angie White 
Moscow Building Supply, thanks for the great deals on concrete and auger rentals
Adam Huff, our fearless plumber
And last, but not least!
Mr. Bonuccelli, thank you for helping us out even though you didn't get us into this mess!

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