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4th Grade Measures Planets

3/7/2014 - Classroom Communication

The 4th grade has been working on the concept of scale and applying it to measuring the distance of the planets from the sun. Meter sticks were the tool, and one meter stick length equals one million miles. Each partner group was given a certain planet and Earth.  The two planets were to be marked on the ground with a stick note when its distance was correctly “walked”. The students started at a certain spot around the “sun” and walked the measurement around the whole running path and front of the school. This was the second time to do this to be more accurate. The first time the planets were recorded all over the place. A lively discussion about how and why to be accurate happened after that. This time the diligence and effort were much stronger by the students. We will follow up the activity with discussion questions to reinforce the concept of distance, scale, planetary orbit, and how to be accurately use tools for measurement.

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