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Special Message from the Board

1/14/2012 - School Board

Dear MCS Families,
I am writing to bring you up to date on board activities designed to enhance learning at MCS.  During the last several school board meetings votes have been taken on the following:
1.  To continue to offer 6th grade.  While the Moscow School District has decided to move 6th grade into the Junior High as self contained class, MCS will continue to offer 6th grade. If your child is enrolled in 5th or has been promoted in any subject using 6th grade curriculum please be aware MCS will continue to enroll 6th graders in the future.
2.  MCS has adopted Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) as our focus for curriculum and co curricular programs. You may have already noticed this emphasis in some classrooms, our after school programs, and Academy Days events. MCS has always been focused on STEAM content, but this new emphasis will make enhancements to our programs easier.  To support the STEAM emphasis we have initiated planning by committee on:
    a.  Refresh elements of the charter that focus on k-6th curriculum. The current charter can be found on line at http://moscowcharterschool. org/default.asp?PageID=240  Much has changed in the 13 years we been operating and its time to consider new opportunities for our students.
    b. Propose to add 7 & 8th grade for sometime in the near future.  Adding 7 & 8th will take some time as we need to identify space, finances, determine the curriculum, and figure out how to handle dually enrolled students.
    c. The board will be adopting a new mission and vision statement with STEAM as the centerpiece. Once the new mission and vision language is in final draft form it will be circulated for comment.
It is important to note that our changes will not impact the basic school curriculum or desired learning outcomes as required by Idaho Code.  Further changes to the charter will require approval by the our chartering agency; the Moscow School District.
If you would like to participate in any of the committees noted above please e-mail me or attend special meetings to be announced shortly on the MCS website.
Thank you for your continued support of the school.
Chris Wuthrich, Chair
Moscow Charter School
Board of Directors

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