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Moscow Charter School Parental Involvement Plan:

12/18/2009 -

At Moscow Charter School, we are strongly committed to encouraging parental involvement.  When parents are involved in their children’s education, a climate of partnership and a sense of community are strengthened within our school.

Our school provides children with high quality curriculum and instruction within a supportive and effective learning environment that assists all students in meeting high academic standards.  Parents are encouraged to support their children’s learning by making sure children come to school every day, finish their homework, and appreciate the importance of a solid and comprehensive education.  Parents are encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences and review reports on their children’s progress.  At the beginning of each year we have a family school picnic the day before the first day of school. Open house and Scholastic Bookfair are also an after school event each year. In addition, we raise awareness and communicate with parents through email, phone calls, the MCS website and newsletters. Parents volunteer hours to assist teachers and individual students within classrooms. There is a sign in/sign out sheet for parents volunteering their time. We have an active Parent Action Team, that we encourage all families to be a part of. This year they are doing fundraisers to help improve the playground, by adding blacktop. PAT organizes our “Make a Difference Day” and School “Fun Run”.  

We believe that our school and parents work together as partners in the educational process.  We welcome parental input and suggestions, and invite parents to participate in our many school activities.

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