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Dear MCS Families,

9/16/2011 -

Thursday was so busy. The rain in the morning added some fun and excitement to opening. We had the school nurse doing eye exams in one of the classrooms. We had yummy cheese sandwiches for lunch (one of my favorite). Most importantly we had our first hands-on science day. Dr. Barbra Cooke Williams brought all of her University of Idaho students with her to help us with our first day of science.
The university students paired up and delivered a hands-on experience in each classroom that was connected to water engineering. Kindergarten worked with buoyancy and floating experiments. First grade worked with issues related to surface tension. Second grade went outside to work with the water cycle. Third grade worked with water filtration and competed with the fourth grade. Fifth grade looked at “Sammy Salmon” (He has come back after all these years) Sixth grade looked at the heart as a pumping miracle. All in all the afternoon was productive and fascinating.
We had a Friday morning meeting so students could share their class experiences with the entire school. So, our STEAM work is getting off to an awesome start. Our next Science Day will take place the week of October 20th when Dr. Elliot will come and work with the children as they learn about “Run-off and Erosion.”
Hope you have a great weekend,
Marie Axman Ed.D, Principal, Moscow Charter School

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